XENIA — The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), the Montgomery County Transportation Improvement District (MCTID), Sugarcreek Township, the Greene County Engineer’s Office, and the City of Centerville are evaluating alternatives for improvements to the Interstate 675 and Wilmington Pike interchange.

Concern over increasing traffic congestion and crash rates as well as future development in the area prompted the study.

The overall effort, underway since 2019, includes two distinct but related studies. The original Influence Area Feasibility Study, sponsored by Centerville, the Greene County engineer, and Sugarcreek Township, is focused on the local roadway network around the interchange.

The Primary Interchange Project Study, funded separately by ODOT, Centerville, and the Greene County engineer, is concentrated on long-term alternatives for improvements to the interchange itself.

Information and preliminary engineering analysis from both studies, including three alternatives from the Primary Interchange Project Study for long-term improvement of the interchange, were presented at a public meeting on July 13 and, will be offered again, virtually, at 12 p.m. July 18.

All public comments will be reviewed and incorporated into ODOT’s decision-making process about long-term interchange improvements. The Primary Interchange Project is in the planning phase of ODOT’s project development process. Using the results of the current study and public feedback, the goal is to identify a preferred alternative by fall 2023. Any decision to move forward beyond the planning stages depends on securing funding commitments from ODOT and the local government sponsors.

“We know the public will want to learn more about traffic issues and potential future improvements in this growing area,” said Crystal Corbin, executive director of MCTID. “The public meetings on July 13 (in person) and July 18 (virtual) will provide details, plus information will be posted on our website afterward for the public. Everyone should realize that there are no funding plans or commitments in place to advance any of the potential improvements at this time.”

The study of the interchange identified several key contributing factors to poor traffic flow and safety issues.

— There is significant traffic congestion along Wilmington Pike, including the I-675 interchange as well as the intersections at Wilmington Pike/Feedwire Road and Wilmington Pike/Clyo Road.

— Southbound traffic exiting I-675 to Wilmington Pike backs up onto the highway during the evening rush hour.

— The traffic congestion and back-ups on the interstate contribute to the elevated crash rates in the area.

The Primary Interchange Project Study also evaluates potential long-term improvements to the actual Interchange. The Influence Area Feasibility Study provides a comprehensive analysis of existing and projected traffic on local roadways in the vicinity of the interchange. It also suggests priorities for improvements to the local roadway network.

MCTID is managing both multi-jurisdictional studies, with the permission of the Montgomery and Greene county commissioners, due to its history of working with ODOT and local governments to plan and implement public infrastructure improvements across geographic and political lines.

Comments about this project are welcomed and encouraged and should be submitted to Corbin at [email protected], 614-530-0884, or Montgomery County Transportation Improvement District, 451 West Third St., 10th Floor, Dayton, Ohio 45422-1075.

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