Air Force vet tops 100 donations with CBC


FAIRBORN — Theodore “Ted” Herrlich reached a “Donor for Life” milestone with Community Blood Center by making his 100th lifetime donation May 6 at the Dayton CBC Donation Center.

The Fairborn resident is a dedicated platelet and plasma donor and followed the milestone by helping CBC during a time of urgent need after the July 4 holiday with his 101st donation on July 6.

Herrlich is a U.S. Air Force veteran who began active duty in 1976 and completed his career at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base from where he retired in 1997. He combined military service with a commitment to blood donations, so his milestone represents only his donations with CBC. He has been a CBC donor for more than 30 years and a platelet and plasma donor since 2009.

“Lots of donations between then and at the base,” Herrlich said. “Plenty of blood donations before this in five different states. I figure if I ever need it, it will be there because people donate.”

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