Commissioners approve leave/wage scale adjustments


XENIA — Greene County Board of Commissioners recently approved some key personnel actions in an effort to recruit and retain current and future county employees. These actions are in addition to initiatives the county has implemented during the past several years.

“The Greene County Board of Commissioners are committed to hiring and retaining a qualified workforce to serve citizens of Greene County,” said Sherry LeBlanc, director of Greene County Human Resources. According to the resources department, there are 700 non-bargaining unit employees across all of the elected officials departments. “To that end, the Greene County Board of Commissioners approved a 3 percent wage scale adjustment for their non-bargaining unit employees (bargaining unit wages are established during contract negotiations). In addition to the wage scale adjustment, the commissioners also voted to add two additional personal days to those same employees as well.”

Both of these benefits have been extended to the other elected officials’ departments which are funded by the general fund, LeBlanc added.

“These additional benefits are reflective of the value the Board of Commissioners place on their employees and we are very grateful for their consideration,” she said.

Commissioners also approved the renewal of the 2023-2024 Employee Benefits Plans as submitted and authorized the county administrator to sign associated plan renewal documents. Renewals included life, vision, dental, and health.

The commissioners’ approval of the updated Personal Leave Policy to add two additional personal days per calendar year goes into effect on July 15, and the Wage Scale Adjustment for permanent non-bargaining unit, classified, and unclassified employees became effective July 1. The last across the board increase became effective in 2021.

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