NFL is currently dealing with a big problem


The NFL is currently facing a bigger problem than concussions – players gambling on NFL games.

The league handed down indefinite suspensions to three players on Thursday, including Indianapolis Colts’ defensive back Isaiah Rodgers.

Rodgers has allegedly bet on Colts’ games and said on social media earlier this month that he takes “full responsibility” for what he did.

Previously, four Detroit Lions’ players and one player from the Washington Commanders were suspended for gambling activity.

Several of those players have already been released by their teams.

The NFL said that it will hold meetings with players from each team during training camp to reinforce the league’s gambling policies, which are:

* Don’t bet on the NFL.

* Don’t gamble at your team facility, while traveling for a road game or staying at a team hotel.

* Don’t have someone bet for you.

* Don’t share team “inside information.”

* Don’t enter a sportsbook during the NFL playing season.

* Don’t play daily fantasy football.

These gambling problems in the NFL really aren’t that surprising considering so many states – including Ohio – have recently legalized sports gambling.

Most NFL teams have embraced gambling and put gambling kiosks in their stadiums in order to increase revenue.

The biggest problem the league potentially faces is fans starting to wonder if the games are legit since so many players are being caught gambling.

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