County leaders float down the river


WAYNESVILLE — Guests, volunteers, and 13 Greene County elected officials recently gathered at RiversEdge Canoe & Kayak Outfitters to recognize the Little Miami River.

Theytraveled to Constitution Park in Spring Valley where canoes were launched for a float on the Little Miami River to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the river obtaining National Scenic River status. They looked at the land from the river’s perspective and saw bank erosion during heavy rains is effecting the river and aquatic life.

After the float, the group reassembled and held a picnic while discussing the pros and cons of the river and its banks.

“The chocolate color of the river in a video that was taken is an indication of sediment in the water that will cover the rocky bottom and it is less desirable to fish and wash away or smother mussels who can’t mover to a safer location,” said Hope Taft, president emeritus of the Little Miami Watershed Network.

Those officials attending or volunteering at this year’s float included Sen. Bob Hackett (R-London); former Gov. Bob Taft, Bob Gable, ODNR Scenic River manager, and many township trustees.

“The banks are getting deeper and steeper, which is another indication that elected officials should be aware of the impact their decisions have on the river and thus our drinking water,” Taft said, adding that many of the officials shared their concerns and appreciated the issues in greater detail as questions were asked and potential collaboration was discussed.

“It was a quick float down river, we saw a lot of bank erosion and the water was very muddy,” added Rebecca Victor, executive director of the LMWN. The organization’s next event, a kayak demo, will be held from 1-5 p.m. Sunday, July 16, at Caesar Creek’s campground beach. For more information, visit www.lmwn.og.

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