Broad Street enters next stage of renovation


FAIRBORN — The Fairborn City Council approved the next phase in the ongoing Broad Street renovations.

The next stage, stage two of three, is asking for funding of over $345,000 to complete several improvements, and any money not utilized in this stage will go back to the Street Fund for later use.

City Engineer Thomas Lee Harris presented the proposal to the council on June 20, after which the resolution was adopted for the city to enter into a contract with Strand Associates and complete the stage.

Improvements outlined in the phase include a 10-foot-wide bike path running from Highview Drive to Sandhill Road, a three-lane roadway cross-section, a new curb and gutter, and improvements to the storm sewer.

According to Harris, splitting up the phases in this way allows Strand Associates and the city to better understand their budget without asking for unnecessary funds. $150,000 has been budgeted to purchase the right-of-way required for the project, but according to Harris, this should only require approximately $60,000 to purchase from the eight property owners.

Haris said they expect to have leftover funds that will go back into the Street Fund following the right-of-way acquisition.

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