Survey shows Cedarville is above national standard


CEDARVILLE — Cedarville University graduates are known for quickly landing jobs or pursuing graduate school shortly after graduation. But a recent study by Noel-Levitz indicates Cedarville University’s student satisfaction rate is well above average.

According to the 2022 data of four-year private institutions, Cedarville University students’ overall satisfaction rate of 70 percent is among the nation’s best and is 15 percent higher than the national average. In the same report, 76 percent of Cedarville students report they would choose Cedarville again, which is 17 percent higher than the 59 percent national average.

Noel-Levitz is an undergraduate student satisfaction survey. The survey covers topics as diverse as academics and the quality of the faculty to facility maintenance and food services. The survey consists of about 100 questions, all ranked on a seven-point scale with seven indicating “very satisfied” and one indicating “very dissatisfied.”

For each question, students are also required to indicate the level of importance that item holds for them.

After the 2022 Noel-Levitz Cedarville survey, Cedarville came out with 16 “strengths” based on the survey’s findings. A strength indicates both a high satisfaction rate and a high level of importance.

Eight of Cedarville’s strengths were academic in nature, relating to knowledge of the faculty, intellectual growth, and academic assistance at The Cove, Cedarville’s academic enrichment center.

“The fact that we see 12 of our 16 strengths in the area of our mission statement was a good encouragement and something we can celebrate,” said Marcus Leeds, Ph.D., associate vice president for academics. “Cedarville is committed to excellent education and intentional discipleship, and this survey indicates our students are satisfied in those areas.”

Four of the 16 strengths were spiritual in nature, further reflecting Cedarville’s commitment to its mission statement. But what makes Cedarville stand out?

“I think it’s an alignment with our mission and the extent to which faculty and staff are committed to that mission,” Leeds said. “The students who are coming in are equally committed to the missions of excellent education and intentional discipleship.”

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