GC Republican Party hosts Nick Adams at LDD


FAIRBORN — Best-selling author, motivational speaker, and TV commentator Nick Adams paid a visit to the Fairborn Holiday Inn Thursday to join area Republicans in their annual Lincoln Day Dinner celebration.

Adams is the founder of the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG), a 501(c)3 non-profit that teaches civics and informs a K-12 students and parents about the power of the American dream.

“We are non-political,”Adams said. “Speaking in schools is an important commissioner but there will be a gap before those students are in positions of influence to support bigger things. America also needs action now and my vision for FLAG is become a voice for traditional America.”

President Trump appointed Adams to the Board of the Smithsonian Institution’s Wilson Center. And Adams stays busy with his frequent appearances on Fox News, running his FLAG organization, fundraising, and other commitments, he is virtually in a difference city each day.

“We always hear about how bad America is. It’s so refreshing to hear someone who chose to be an American to talk about American exceptionalism,” said Carolyn Uecker, GCRP Executive Committee chair. “This is the greatest country in the past 5,000 years. Economically, militarily, scientifically, and culturally. Without America, the world as we know it, would not exist.”

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