City council approves plans for condominium construction


FAIRBORN — City Council on Monday unanimously approved plans to construct residential buildings on a little more than 10 acres of unused land located at 2316 New Germany Trebein Road near Beavercreek Golf Club.

City Planner Kathleen Riggs announced plans to the council and provided the potential building layouts for the six buildings with a total of 55 condominium units of approximately 1,200-1,600 square feet per unit. The plans were approved by the council after a few minutes of deliberation over some minor concerns.

Residents were almost unanimously in support, according to Riggs, but there was one instance of a resident who was against the plans because of concerns over traffic and additional students enrolling at the school nearby. Although the proposed development is in the City of Fairborn, it would be within the Beavercreek school district, according to county records.

The Beaver Creek Wetlands Association also had concerns outlined in a letter to Riggs addressing the excess water runoff that could occur and advocating for a robust stormwater detention plan to reduce potential corrosion.

This concern was addressed by Councilman Kevin Knepp, who also asked about the water’s cleanliness in the water detention plan. Riggs, accompanied by an engineer on the project, assured the council of the water detention plan’s reliability and made clear intentions to work with the Beaver Creek Wetlands Association in order to prevent stormwater corrosion caused by the runoff from the site.

Questions were also raised by the council regarding the trails nearby. Riggs said they are “participating in the trails process,” and working to make a distinct connection between the residential site and nearby trails for potential residents to enjoy.

Riggs added they are “continuing that connectivity” between the nature around the area and the residential opportunities available. Included in this connectivity is accommodating the City of Beavercreek’s request to keep the streets around the land free from roadside parking. According to Riggs, each building will have parking on the first floor, and they are working to connect the buildings directly to nearby trails for residents to walk when they can.

Riggs did not list a time frame for construction, but initial plans to create these residential areas have now been approved by all necessary parties.

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