WSU fall, spring registration underway


FAIRBORN — Wright State University students can now register for an entire academic year at one time.

This week, Wright State began offering multi-term registration to undergraduate and graduate students, an innovative approach that gives them the option to register for classes in both the fall 2023 semester and the spring 2024 semester.

Each March, registration will open for the following fall and spring semesters simultaneously, allowing students to enroll in either or both semesters. At this time, the summer semester is not included in this process.

“Wright State is excited to introduce multi-term registration, a student-centered high-impact practice,” said Susan Schaurer, vice president for enrollment management and student success. “We believe this process will help improve students’ ability to plan their academic progress and stay on track for graduation.”

Multi-term registration offers many other benefits to students: It provides students the option to plan both their academic and personal schedules across two semesters; gives them access to the course schedule a full month in advance of registration opening; offers students a better, more complete advising experience by allowing conversations around degree progress and completion; and encourages completion of a degree in a more reasonable amount of time.

Registration for fall 2023 and spring 2024 classes begins the week of March 6. Registration dates are based on the number of credit hours a student has earned. Students can find their registration date on the registrar’s website.

Students can view fall 2023 and spring 2024 schedules in WINGS Express to begin planning their next academic year.

Students are advised to use Schedule Planner to build their perfect schedule and watch this video tutorial to learn how to register for classes in WINGS Express.

Students are also encouraged to schedule an appointment with a Dayton Campus advisor or Lake Campus advisor in advance of registration to map out their academic plans for the year.

Billing and fee assessment will not change for students who take advantage of multi-term registration, and student bills and fees will be assessed one semester at a time.

Implementing multi-term registration has been a partnership between the Office of the Provost, Enrollment Management, the Registrar’s Office and the Division of Student Success, and involved in-depth conversations with the Senate Executive Committee and the chairs of the two university curriculum committees.

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