Expansions coming to the Greene County airport


XENIA — Pilots, crew, and staff of the Greene County — Lewis A. Jackson Regional Airport will soon see a bigger and better facility.

Located at 140 N. Valley Road, the 277-acre airport has been undergoing much-needed changes. The airport, which has 55 box hangars and 85 home-based aircraft, remodeled the terminal’s exterior a little over a year ago for $300,000.

“It was a tear-off and remodel. There used to be vinyl siding but now it has stucco with some nice trim work,” said airport manager Dave Kushner, who explained that new finishings such as lighting. gutters, and an expanded new patio with additional pavers and exit door were added.

According to airport officials, the Greene County Regional Airport Authority has multiple improvements in progress that are intended to serve airport users and increase the economic benefits that the airport provides to the citizens of Greene County.

The airport is enhancing facilities for improved access since most of the terminal dates back to 1968 and is well overdue for a major renovation that will include more open space for users and visitors, ADA upgrades, and a dedicated pilot lounge for crews that are visiting the community.

The interior renovation is anticipated to begin in July or August at a cost of $650,000. The Greene County Commissioners have pledged support of $400,000 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding toward the project. The initial grant was for $250,000 but costs have risen.

“Planning is underway for an expansion of airport parking that will require only a small amount of a new paved area but will dramatically expand parking to support current as well as future needs. The net increase in spaces will be 53, with a final total of 114 spots,” said GCRAA president, Dr. James Christensen. “In making these investments, the GCRAA has considered the needs of all airport users and visitors and ensured that the airport will continue to serve Greene County for many years to come. Approximately 85 percent of the necessary funding will be provided by an FAA grant. The project is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2024.”

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