‘Pocahontas’ actress arrested in Xenia


XENIA — The actress who lended her voice to Pocahontas in the Disney animated film was arrested in Xenia Aug. 19.

Irene Bedard-Wilson, who voiced the titular character in 1995 and for a 1998 follow-up, was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct in the 20 block of East Main Street after Xenia police officers observed two females arguing shortly before 3 p.m, according to a police records.

Police confirmed the woman arrested was the actress.

According to the police report obtained through a public records request, Majors Jeff Osburn and Gary Johnson saw Bedard-Wilson and another female, later identified as Sheila Johnson, arguing when Bedard-Wilson “walked out into the street screaming, without any regard for traffic.”

Police said they spoke with Bedard-Wilson, who had a “strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on her breath.”

“She explained to us that Sheila was trying to help her get into her studio but she lost her keys,” according to the report, filed by Officer Charles Roelker. “She also advised that she is an alcoholic. When asked if she drank anything today, she said that she didn’t. But, she did say that she drank a whole bottle of vodka yesterday. I attempted to try to get her to give me a name of someone who could come and care for her, but she would not give me anything. I also offered to take her to the hospital. But, she said the hospital wouldn’t help her.”

Police said during the interaction with Bedard-Wilson, her emotions changed rapidly, going from being calm to becoming upset. The report said Johnson gave a name of someone she could call, but Bedard-Wilson said she didn’t want that person called and ran away screaming.

“She almost knocked over a table on the sidewalk when she did,” the report narrative said. “She stopped when she got around the corner and walked back with us calmly. She then became angry at us about a previous incident where she said the police didn’t help her. She backed into a large glass window as she continued to yelled at us. Due to the sound and the glass flexing, I thought it would break if she continued.”

Roelker wrote that he took control of Bedard-Wilson’s left arm, eventually placed her under arrest, and booked her into the Greene County Jail. Online jail records no longer show her as an inmate.

The report also indicates that earlier in the day police were dispatched to check the welfare of a female — described as wearing the same clothes Bedard-Wilson was wearing — who had passed out in some bushes behind a home in the 1000 block of Frederick Drive.

Police said upon arrival the person had left but a vehicle registered to Bedard-Wilson — who gave a Longwood Drive home in Beavercreek as her address — was found parked in a lot next door on Wilson Drive. Online property records show that Beavercreek home as being owned by Dennis E. Wilson.

According to Xenia Municipal Court records, Bedard-Wilson is set to be arraigned at 9 a.m Monday, Aug. 29.

By Scott Halasz

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