Good, bad sports gifts make a difference


Making a list and checking it twice, have you been naughty or nice?

Whether either applies to the person you’re looking to provide a gift for, what you provide for a sports fan can be celebrated or have the giftee rolling eyes in the back of their heads.

The type of gift provided could also either put you on the fast track to being on the nice list next year, or a one-way ticket to the naughty side. Here are a couple of suggestions for the sports fan in your life that could flip you one way or another:

Nice: A grill. Give the sports fan a reason to get out of the house. They’re already in front of the television enough, so let’s get up and cook some yummy treats and meals to have during the game. Double points if it’s a portable size which could be used at a tailgate. New grill utensils are also acceptable.

Naughty: A fathead. Under no circumstances do you need a lifesized picture on the wall of your favorite athlete. You can perfectly see their face in an 8×11.5” frame and what more do you need?

Nice: A baseball hat. It doesn’t even have to be specifically regarding baseball, but a solid fitted hat related to a favorite team or sport is a solid choice. It’s the top piece of clothing to get as a gift because it’s the easiest to take care of and goes with most outfits. Velcro is gone, so avoid it if possible.

Naughty: Special edition board games. Some collectors type items can be a good score for someone if you find a rare item. These are the opposite of rare and are usually made of poor quality material compared to the normal game. If you have the choice between Monopoly and Buckopoly, stick to the tried and true version.

Nice: Season tickets. This one is tricky because you’re dictating another person’s schedule. If you know they have the time or would be able to put some aside, a small partial season plan would be a good way to get someone into a first-hand experience at the event of choice. If they have children just getting into a sport as well, maybe add a second and let the parent experience that sort of joy of seeing kids watch their favorite players.

Naughty: Toilet golf. Let’s face it, most golf gifts are marketed at non-golfers to buy for their golfing relatives. Don’t believe the hype on anything. At the top of the list of bad novelty items is the bathroom entertainment. Let’s not gross anyone out, but hands are moving around frequently enough that other items don’t need to be touched and left laying around afterward as well before your hands are washed.

Steven Wright

Contact Steven Wright at 937-502-4498 and follow on Twitter @Steven_Wright_. He has received toilet paper with a rival team’s logo printed on the individual sheets, a Santa figurine painted in his college’s colors, and a risque golf ball bag holder.

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