Volunteers needed for city boards, committees


FAIRBORN — The City of Fairborn has vacancies on various boards and committees.

Vacancies due to resignation and expiration of terms on Dec.31, 2021 include:

— Board of Tax Appeals (one three-year term, one unexpired term to 12-31-23, and one unexpired term to 12-31-22). Hears and makes decisions on city income tax payments. The board will, on hearing, have jurisdiction to affirm, reverse, or modify any such assessment, ruling, or decision or any part thereof, made by the superintendent of taxation from which an appeal has been filed as provided in the Fairborn City Income Tax Ordinances. Meets as needed.

— Board of Zoning Appeals (one five-year term). Hears and decides appeals from administrative decisions in the enforcement and interpretation of the zoning code of the city; hears petitions for variances from the zoning code where exceptions or unusual circumstances applying to the property in question exist; hears requests for variances to flood plain regulations. Meets third Tuesday, 6 p.m., as needed.

— Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council (four unexpired terms to 12-31-22). Reviews properties that have received Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) tax abatement and assures exempted property is upholding conditions of the agreement. Meets annually.

— Mayor’s Beautification Committee (three three-year terms, two unexpired terms to 12-31-23, and two unexpired terms to 12-31-22). Serves in an advisory capacity to council and other municipal bodies in actions or matters where legal or aesthetic requirements or standards affecting the appearance of buildings and grounds are involved. Meets fourth Tuesday, 7 p.m.

— Neighborhood Betterment Council (two three-year terms). The Neighborhood Betterment Council is involved in the development of the Consolidated Plan and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) planning process including annual updates, identification of housing and community development needs, and the setting of priorities, review of proposed uses of funds, providing funding recommendations to the city manager, and review of program performances. Also acts as a board of appeals if city staff is unable to resolve differences between homeowner and contractor when the rehabilitation specialist and city staff deem a contract complete. Meets as needed.

— Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (five three-year terms, two unexpired terms to 12-31-23, and three unexpired terms to 12-31-22). Advises city council in matters concerning maintenance and development of city parks; reviews land dedication proposals submitted by plat developers, and submits recommendations to council; assists at all special events. Meets last Wednesday, 6 p.m.

— Personnel Advisory Board (one three-year term) – Hears grievances of city employees in accordance with the personnel rules and regulations, and reviews proposals to reclassify or establish positions within the classified services. Meets as needed.

— Planning Board (two three-year terms). May make recommendations to the city manager and city council on all matters affecting the physical growth and development of the city; reviews proposals for new plats and requests for conditional use permits and applications for rezoning. Meets second Tuesday (fourth Tuesday as needed), 4 p.m.

Contact the City Manager’s Office at 937-754-3030 for more information. Applications will be reviewed and considered by city council prior to any appointments. Applicants for hearing boards (Community Reinvestment Area Housing Council, Planning Board, and Zoning Board of Appeals) are subject to personal interview prior to appointment.

Applications are available at the Fairborn Government Center City Administration, 44 West Hebble Avenue or can be made through the city’s web site at www.fairbornoh.gov. Applications need to be returned to the City Manager’s Office no later than Nov. 29.

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