Kettering Health Network warns of vaccine scam


BEAVERCREEK — Kettering Health Network has become aware of a COVID-19 vaccine scam targeting individuals trying to schedule vaccine appointments online. Residents notified the hospital network of a lookalike webpage that mimicked its vaccine scheduling page, which prompted users to hand over personal information in order to make an appointment.

The lookalike website notified its visitors that they had vaccines available, and in order to access those vaccines users were prompted to give very personal information, including bank information and Social Security numbers.

“When you’re looking to schedule a COVID vaccine, we will never ask for a full Social Security Number, and we will never ask for bank information,” said Jody Underwood, executive director of population health at Kettering Physician Network. “You will never enter a credit card payment, and you will never enter any early access fee.”

Kettering Health is currently investigating measures to get the lookalike website taken down.

“Kettering Health Network only schedules COVID-19 vaccine appointments online at or by phone at 1-844-576-3627. Kettering Health Network employees calling people about appointments will identify themselves as a network employee and will be calling from a 937 area code phone number,” the hospital network imparted in a statement.

When scheduling online, KHN will ask for a user’s name, address, and date of birth to verify eligibility. KHN may ask for the last four digits of a SSN only for identity verification.

Currently, the demand for vaccines has far outstripped the limited supply that Kettering Health has received. However, Underwood said she is optimistic that the network will start to receive more than they have in the past, pending approval from the Ohio Department of Health.

By London Bishop

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