Wright State has some of the world’s top tunnels


FAIRBORN — Wright State University has received acclaim for its infrastructure that promotes accessibility on campus. As of 2020, that acclaim is now international.

A UK-based publication ranked Wright State University No. 1 in the world in terms of tunnel systems among other universities. The rankings were published in a report on Wonkhe, a media platform based in London, UK that focuses on higher education policy.

Tunnel systems are an important part of accessibility for people with disabilities, and the tunnels at Wright State seem to have been designed with that in mind, according to the article.

The Top 10 rankings by Wonkhe were compiled by Paul Greatrix, contributing editor of the website and registrar at The University of Nottingham.

Wright State tops universities with tunnel systems, ahead of the No. 2 Graffiti Tunnel at the University of Sydney in Australia. Wright State also beat Brown University, which sits at the No. 3 spot. One of the tunnel entrances at Brown is said to be the inspiration for the Bat Cave in the 1960’s “Batman” television series. Wright State also beat No. 7, Yale University, whose tunnels served as a fallout shelter during the Cold War era.

Each tunnel system was based on scale, coolness, utility and associated myths and legends.

“Top of the heap is Wright State University, which seems to have the biggest and best tunnel system of them all and where tunnels are a fundamental part of campus life,” Greatrix wrote.

With two miles of tunnels linking 20 of 23 buildings in the academic section of the Dayton Campus, the tunnel system has made Wright State one of the most accessible colleges in the country.

Greatrix noted that the tunnels provide a convenience in bad weather and make the campus more accessible to persons with disabilities. He also noted that the tunnels may be entered by stairwells and elevators, are facilitated by signs and maps at intersections, and feature vending machines in various areas.

“Well done Wright State,” Greatrix wrote.

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