Greene County has quite the dream team


It’s round one of the fantasy football mid-season redraft.

Scott’s Squad is on the clock. Will he take Rodgers? Brady? Maybe Mahomes? Perhaps Wilson?

“Give me Bellbrook’s Alex Westbrock,” I say, which is followed by laughter in the war room.

It’s an easy pick to defend.

“He threw for 845 yards and 11 TDs and ran for five more, running a high-scoring offense for the Golden Eagles, who went 8-1 and were a Division-III regional semifinalist,” I said. “And he’s the QB on the All-Greene County team, which ironically is being announced as we speak.”

So now that I have my quarterback, I need a couple running backs.

“Scott’s Squad takes Xenia’s Ramon Browder and Fairborn’s Hunter Warner,” I say, again quieting the naysayers by reminding them that Browder ran for 1,062 yards and Warner for 1,008.”

Warner did it in just seven games. Those guys are worthy of being on my team, and All-Greene County.

I figure with two solid RBs and a QB who can throw the ball, might as well grab myself three wide receivers who can change a game in a flash. I was thinking about a tight end. But not sure that’s really a thing anymore.

“I’ll take the Patriot Pair of Sam Severt and Steven Chapman, who were one-two in the rugged Greater Catholic League in receptions and the leader in yards (Chapman) and No. 3 in yards (Severt),” I say. “And I’ll take Allan Hopkins of Beavercreek. He was No. 7 in receptions and No. 10 in yards in the pass-happy GWOC.”

Add three more All-Greene County studs to my team. Hello playoffs!

Now I need some linemen. This is always tough because the skill-position players always get the ink (something I’m guilty of as well).

“Give me Xenia’s Paxton Bartley, Fairborn’s Sam Roberts, Bellbrook’s Alex Petry, Greeneview’s Ian Henry, and Beavercreek’s Alex Darrin,” I say. “All are All-Greene County and are now on Scott’s Squad.”

Full disclosure here. There are likely other All-Greene County offensive linemen and I apologize if I slighted anyone. I’ve seen every team located in the county in person, and these are the guys I noticed. I debated not having any linemen, but I do need blockers and they deserve some kudos.

I’m going to be scoring a lot. So I guess I need a placekicker.

“Taylor Jordan of Bellbrook, welcome to Scott’s Squad,” I announce. “This kid is as good as (Robbie) Gould. He only missed three extra points this season.”

This is shaping out to be a great All-Greene County team.

Of course, no fantasy team would be complete without a defense and special teams. The hardest part about this is teams play different styles of defense, some with four linemen, some with three, etc. My philosophy for fantasy defense is simple: Grab 11 playstoppers and playmakers regardless of position.

“I have to have Carroll’s Andy Walker and Ethan Braun,” I declare in the war room. “Xenia’s Jamell Smith is a stud, as are Cedarville’s Kane Odon and Hunter Baldwin. I’ll take them all.” They were all near the top of their league or the county in tackles. Tackling is important in football, I hear.

Now for some playmakers.

“Is Dwight Lewis of Fairborn available?” I ask. “Not anymore. He and his seven interceptions are mine. I’ll take Xenia’s Gavin Severt (five picks) and Greeneview’s Caleb Allen (four picks). Those guys are ballhawks.”

My defense needs a little more punch.

“Give me Bellbrook’s Ethan Fryman and Nick Cumpston,” I say. “Those guys helped Bellbrook record four shutouts. And I’ll take Anthony Johnston of Beavercreek. He played well down the stretch.”

Normally the last pick in the draft is Mr. Irrelevant. Not in this case. On the off chance I need to punt, I need a guy who can boot it. There’s not a bad one in the area. But I can only take one.

“I like what Beavercreek’s Justin Hocker did,” I say. “He put 10 of his 50 punts inside the 20, averaged 34.4 yards and only had one touchback.”

And there you go. Scott’s Squad, which just happens to be the All-Greene County team as well.


File photo Fairborn’s Hunter Warner (9) is one of two running backs on the All-Greene County team. photo Fairborn’s Hunter Warner (9) is one of two running backs on the All-Greene County team.

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