Part I: GCPH from 2010 to 2019


Editor’s note: This is Part I of the Centennial Celebration series for October covering Greene County Public Health from 2010-2019.

The board of health from 2010 to 2019 was extremely busy! As part of our Centennial Celebration, this month’s article focuses on actions taken by the board of health for the betterment of the agency, its constituents, and the residents of the County.

Plans and policies approved by the board

Throughout the decade, the board of health met monthly and approved many plans, policies and other actions.

They included: administrative leave policy change from three hours of administrative leave on Christmas Eve and three hours on New Year’s Eve to seven hours on Christmas Eve; billing and collection; budgeting and accounting; contracts; cost allocation; costing principles for spending federal funds; credit card use; easy clocking; email; emergency response plan updated; employee internet use monitoring and filtering; equal employment opportunity policy; facsimile; general cash transaction; health district provided cell phone; home visitation; infant feeding; infant safe sleep; internal control; inventory of movable property and equipment; Ohio Public Health Communication System; operational and personnel policies updated (these are reviewed annually and provided to the board for review); payroll; policy on policies, position description distribution; public participation in board of health meetings; purchasing; remote network access; segregation of duties; sick leave; system update and board of health member orientation policies; teleworking; travel/training; tuition reimbursement policy modification changing the required years of service from three years to two years; vehicle use; verification of certification, education, licensure, and registration; wireless communication; work environment; workforce development plan; workstation security and environmental health.

The board approved the use of Ethylene Oxide Gas for use in sterilization of items in licensed tattoo and body piercing operations.

The board approved a resolution granting authority to the health commissioner, public health sanitarians or sanitarians-in-training employed by Greene County Combined Health District to enforce Ohio Administrative Code 3701-21-27, Embargo of Food, on behalf of the board in Food Service Operations as defined by the Standard Operating Procedures of the Greene County Combined Health District.

The board approved a resolution appointing Mark Isaacson as soil evaluator for the health district per Ohio Administrative Code 3701-29-07 (A) (4).

Public health nuisances

Throughout the decade, the board approved resolutions declaring the following properties as a public health nuisance: 3332 Long Street, Jefferson Township; 1966 North Boulevard, Fairborn; 5694 West Xenia Street, Bowersville Village.

Food license issues, policy in constant discussion

By Melissa Howell

Melissa Howell is the health commissioner for Greene County Public Health. Laurie Fox, public information officer for Greene County Public Health, contributed to this column.

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