Several renewals, uncontested races on November ballot


XENIA — While contested races and new or additional money levies have taken center stage, voters in Greene County will also decide several renewal levies during the Nov. 3 election.

The following is a list of issues that are not requesting new or additional funds.

Issue 4 — Spring Valley Village, 1 mill for street repair and maintenance.

Issue 5 — Yellow Springs Village, 8.4 mills for current expenses.

Issue 6 — Bath Township, 2.2 mills for streets, roads, bridges.

Issue 8 — New Jasper Township, 4.5 mills for fire and EMS.

Issue 9 — Ross Township, 1.5 mills for fire and EMS.

Issue 10 — Silvercreek Township, 1 mill for general operating purposes.

Issue 11 — Spring Valley Township, 0.4 mill for police services.

Issue 12 — Spring Valley Township, 2 mills for fire and EMS.

Issue 14 — Spring Valley Township and Village, 1 mill for senior citizen services.

Issue 15 — Spring Valley Township, 1 mill for roads and bridges.

Issue 16 — Spring Valley Township, 0.7 mill for streets, roads and bridges.

Issue 18 — Sugarcreek Township, 0.8 mill for streets, roads and bridges.

Issue 19 — Xenia Township, 0.9 mill for streets, roads and bridges.

Issue 23 — Greeneview Local School District, annual .50 percent income tax for current expenses.

Issue 25 — Greene County Public Health, 0.8 mill for health services.

Several candidates are running unopposed and will be elected after receiving one valid vote: Bill Dean, Ohio House of Representatives, District 74 (Michael Johnson and Ted McClenen are Democratic write-ins); A.J. Williams, clerk of courts; Tom Koogler, county commissioner; Stephanie Goff, engineer; David Hayes, prosecutor; Eric Sears, recorder; Gene Fischer, sheriff; Kraig Hagler, treasurer; Cynthia Martin, common pleas domestic relations; and Michael Buckwalter, common pleas general division.

Ohio’s 10th senatorial district, comprised of Clark, Greene and Madison counties is being contested. Incumbent Sen. Robert Hackett, a Republican, is being challenged by Democrat Charles Ballard. Neither candidate returned a questionnaire sent by Greene County News.

By Scott Halasz

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