Coach, athletic trainers save life of student


FAIRBORN — On Oct. 1, the Fairborn Board of Education will recognize two athletic trainers, a teacher and two students for saving the life of another student during a conditioning practice. Each of these individuals will be recognized for their heroic actions during the school board meeting this Thursday night.

Though the district declined to release the names of the involved parties before the recognition, Fairborn Athletic Director Kevin Alexander spoke highly of the coach, athletic trainers, and students who took action. Alexander was at the high school when he was informed of the incident.

“Our two athletic trainers jumped into action immediately,” he said. “Everything went into action exactly how they were trained to do it.”

Alexander said the two students stepped up to separate the other kids from the emergency scene.

“They really showed their leadership,” he said.

More details will be released at the school board meeting Thursday, but Alexander said he hopes this story will inspire coaches to be mindful of the lifesaving CPR training that they and other sports professionals receive.

“So many coaches go through [certification] training and look at it as a waste of time,” Alexander said. “This is an opportunity to get it out to coaches in the area that these things matter and, at the end of the day, a life was saved.”

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