CSU Extension’s Community and Economic Development Program launches ‘The Synergy Show’


WILBERFORCE — The Central State University Extension office has launched a new radio show to help engage and transform.

Interested in learning how to start a business? Want to find out ways to help your community? “The Synergy Show,” which debuted June 11, will answer those questions and more at 4 p.m. every third Wednesday on WCSU 88.9 FM.

The show is produced by CSUE’s Community & Economic Development Program, which is taking an innovative approach to program delivery to ensure premier community-based outreach and educational programs are meeting the needs of families in rural, urban, and Appalachian communities.

“The Synergy Show” is a public affairs program with a purpose to educate the community on important issues that impact economics, business, education, and development. The program, which is being produced through a partnership with public radio station WCSU FM, will feature interviews with impactors from around the state, as well as local community influencers, and knowledgeable business professionals.

According to Anthony Barwick, the community and economic development program leader for extension, and producer of “The Synergy Show,” the program seeks to expand the ability of the CSU Extension Office to empower communities to achieve their goals through education and technical assistance with a particular focus on economics in urban and rural communities.

“The primary aim of this program mirrors the extension office’s mission to address community development and revitalization, local economic development, and small business development,” Barwick said. “Through Synergy, we will empower individuals, groups, and communities to influence and change their circumstances for the better.”

Lena Arnold, communication coordinator for Land-Grant programs and initiatives will host the program and Ambrose Moses III, Cuyahoga County extension agent, serves as the co-producer and content development coordinator.

The June 17 show features Dr. Alton Johnson, the dean of the College of Engineering, Science, Technology, and Agriculture and the director of Central State Land-Grant programs; and Dr. Siddhartha Dasgupta, associate administrator of extension.

“The program is designed to be business casual and informative,” Barwick said. “We wanted to start with these two guests because we felt that it was important to inform the community on what it means for Central State to be a land-grant university and how this impacts the community, the state, and even the world.”

In addition to being broadcast on WCSU FM, episodes can be also be heard on the extension web page, via podcast, You Tube, and the Central State University Extension Facebook page.

Future topics include: Starting a business; business structure; record expungement and certificate of qualification for employment; and building community partnerships.


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