When this is done for good


I wonder how it will be

When this is done for good

Will people be more friendly

Than they normally would?

I think we’ll be more grateful

For a walk with a friend

Or sitting in a coffee shop

Drinking a favorite blend.

We’ll go to school more gladly

We won’t groan so much, you see

Because it was through this that we realized

School is actually a nice place to be.

We’ll hug our friends a little tighter

Say “I love you” a bit more

We’ll be thankful for the little things

Like short lines at the grocery store.

We’ll thank our nurses and doctors

And regular employees too

We might just be a little bit kinder

In everything we do.

But it isn’t just the outside things

That we learn to be thankful for

‘Cause in these moments of being inside

We learn a whole lot more.

We learn how to check up on a friend

Who may have lost their smile

Our conversations are intentional

Even with those we haven’t talked to in a while.

We learn how to be present

How to live just here and now

To trust the Lord with the future

And let off the wheel somehow.

We now have time to do so much

That we never had time to do

We can read or color or make a craft

Or play a game of Clue.

We can sing songs, play a game

Or write a letter or two or three

We could paint the house or clean the car

Or go outside and climb a tree.

We can bake cookies or dance around

Or send some encouraging words

We can practice our sport or learn a new skill

Or sit outdoors and hear the birds.

Our lives are just going so fast

That we really don’t slow down

So maybe this is an opportunity

To just stop and look around.

We can be more thankful

For things that we once had

The things that we took for granted

But now that they’re gone, we’re sad.

We can take life a bit slower

Being grateful for each day

That we are healthy and well and alive

And don’t have to stay away.

We can be more grateful

For the things we did inside

For the time spent with family

And for all the new things we tried.

It can be hard in the moment

Believe me, I know it’s true

But maybe one day we’ll look back on this

And be thankful for how we grew.


Gracie Northington

Gracie Northington attends Clark State Community College in Beavercreek. She is the daughter of William “Carey” Northington, a regular religion columnist for Greene County News.

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