Superintendent: we are taking it day-by-day


Hello Fairborn families! Each Friday during our time off, I will be writing to update our families and to provide updates and information as it becomes available.

First, I want to make sure that we are taking care of each other. This is a difficult time for each of us and I want to reassure our families that we will work with you to make sure that we are doing everything we can to support our students and community. If you do not have access to the internet or access to a computer, please reach out to your child’s teacher and communicate using social media, cell phones, and email. Teachers are working on a variety of methods to provide academic instruction and will be sensitive to what is available in each individual household. Our school district administrators are continuing to brainstorm new methods to reach students during this time. We are extremely impressed by many of our wonderful teachers, who are going above and beyond — YouTube story times, Facebook live sessions and more.

Thank you.

Secondly, the district continues to provide food at a variety of locations throughout the Fairborn community. We will continue this effort for the duration of school closure. Volunteers will be providing food at Fairborn Primary School, Fairborn Intermediate School, Baker Middle School, and the Fairborn YMCA on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to noon. If you visit one of these sites, please stay at least six feet apart from others visiting.

I want to thank our school district staff members who are at the sites during these food distributions and I want to thank Faircreek Church for providing numerous volunteers for each location. Additionally, our food service staff has gone above and beyond during this time of need; we are extremely lucky and grateful for such dedication and competence. Thank you to I-Supply for working with Fairborn City Schools to provide bags for the food distribution and thank you to Fairborn Handyman ACE Hardware for allowing the district to borrow crates to move food to different locations.

We are very thankful for our community organizations that are supporting our efforts to feed children during this time.

Third, navigating the unknown can be very frustrating for all of us. On our part, we will continue to provide information as we can and do our best to provide educational supports for our families. Please be sure to communicate via email and reach out to the district if we can provide assistance or additional information.

Again, as the weeks pass we will continue to provide assistance and support to help navigate these uncertain times.

Some commonly asked questions:

Will FCS students be coming back to school?

Answer: At this time the district does not have information about school closure after April 3, 2020. We will be following Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s directives as given, and have the health and safety of our students and staff as our top priorities moving forward.

If I lack technology in my home, will my child be penalized?

Answer: No, our dedicated teaching staff is well aware that we have homes without technology/wifi. Please feel free to message school district social media or reach out to your child’s teacher to help with learning accommodations. We are doing our best to be flexible and supportive. We also hope that our families will answer the technology survey we have sent home via the United States Postal Service so that we can prepare for the days and months ahead.

What is happening with prom, the senior trip, the Baker Middle School D.C. trip, graduation, Hall of Honor ceremony and other end of year events?

Answer: At this time, the district is taking this situation day-by-day and we are not able to answer these questions at this time. FCS realizes that these meaningful events are important to all of us and we will do our very best to communicate as more information becomes available. The district will be following all Ohio Department of Health and CDC guidance on COVID-19. We do not have any more information regarding school events at this time.

Most importantly, please be sure to practice social distancing, avoiding groups larger than ten people. Avoid touching your face at all costs and do your best to stay at home if at all possible. Be sure to wash your hands frequently and wipe down any commonly-touched surfaces. Additionally, if you feel ill or are starting to experience any symptoms of flu, coronavirus, strep throat or more, please call your doctor’s office before visiting. We must help our health professionals remain healthy and ensure our medical offices have enough capacity moving forward.

Following the Ohio Department of Health directives will help all of us to get through this together in a safe manner. Take care of your families and we will continue to communicate with you every step of the way. Please keep all those that are negatively impacted by this in your thoughts and prayers. We will overcome this difficult time if we work together, follow proper procedures, and commit to community.


By Gene Lolli

For the Fairborn Daily Herald

Gene Lolli is the superintendent of Fairborn City Schools and guest columnist for the Fairborn Daily Herald.

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