Trustees assign 2020 duties


BATH TOWNSHIP — The Bath Township Board of Trustees set a course for 2020 during its Jan. 15 regular session by dividing specific administrative duties among the three trustees.

Trustee Steve Ross, who is serving as chairperson of the board this year, explained the need for township officials to have a clear understanding of their roles and assigned duties at the start of each new year.

“I have redone this list four times, and I hope I didn’t leave out any specific task or job,” Ross said.

Trustee Tom Pitstick will continue to oversee annexation requests and tax incremental financing (TIF) associated with residential and business developments in the township. He will also remain as the township’s representative to the Regional Planning and Coordinating Commission of Greene County (RPCC). The RPCC oversees the administration of many county development regulations, including subdivisions.

Pitstick will manage the township’s capital equipment and liability insurance programs. He will share administrative duties with Ross managing Byron Cemetery and dealing with issues at the cemetery and the township road department.

In addition, Pitstick will act as the township’s liaison and link to the Greene County Engineer’s Office, the Fairborn Cement Company, and Mad River Township. Ross noted that Bath Township currently has a maintenance agreement with Mad River Township, in which Bath Township has agreed to maintain the total length of Mud Run Road in exchange for the tax revenue attached to the portion of the road that falls under Mad River Township’s jurisdiction.

Pitstick will continue to supervise the video surveillance around the township office and park. He will also gather information and explore plans to video tape township meetings in the future.

Lastly, Pitstick will share a list of duties with Ross and Trustee Kassie Lester. Those duties include representing the township at the Greene County Township Association, working on the road levy renewal campaign, monitoring fire and EMS runs to AM Management Inc., student housing at Wright State University, and dealing with township zoning and residents’ issues.

In June 2018, the trustees unanimously approved the renewal of a four-year contract agreement with AM Management Inc. The company, which is located at 2000 Zink Road, manages several Wright State University student-housing communities, including The Woods, The Village, College Park Apartments, The Honors Resident Hall, and University Park Apartments. Ross noted that the terms of the agreement include a charge of $1,325 for each call that exceed a five-call limit per month. According to Ross, the fee is based on AM Management’s fire levy property taxes. When monthly calls are less than five, the balance will be carried forward and applied to future months in which fire and EMS calls exceed five.

Ross distributed a list of specific duties to Lester who just started her first term as township trustee. Lester will be working in conjunction with Township Fiscal Officer Elaine Brown as a township representative at any budget hearing that might occur before the Greene County Auditor.

“Mrs. Brown will take the lead, and she and you will work as a team during the budgetary process if a budget hearing occurs,” Ross told Lester.

Lester will assume Ross’ role as the township’s representative to the 2020 U.S. Census Complete Count Committee (CCC). The county CCC is comprised of local government officials and community leaders that are implementing a 2020 Census awareness campaign that will encourage residents to provide accurate and complete information to the U.S. Census Bureau this year.

Ross asked Lester to monitor the monthly fire and EMS runs to The Province apartment complex, which is also a part of student housing at Wright State University. Ross stated that the township would possibly need to establish a contract agreement with The Province that is similar to the agreement the township signed with AM Management Inc.

Ross and Lester agreed that Lester would assist Ross with any business relating to the fire and EMS contracts with the three neighboring fire departments that supply fire protection and emergency medical services to township residents and businesses. Lester would then take over those duties next year.

Lester will also serve as an alternate representative to the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission and the Regional Planning and Coordinating Commission of Greene County,

Ross also delegated Lester to manage ongoing issues at the township park. He pointed out that recent issues relating to the new playground equipment needed to be rectified as soon as possible.

In addition, Lester will assume the share responsibilities of the board of trustees, including addressing zoning and residents’ issues, lending support to the road levy renewal campaign, working with representatives of AM Management Inc., and representing the township at the Greene County Township Association’s meetings.

Ross will share the duty, along with Pitstick, concerning any issues that might occur at Byron Cemetery. He will also address any issues relating to any township employee.

Ross will serve as the of township representative when conducting business with the City of Fairborn, the Fairborn Chamber of Commerce and the Fairborn City School District. He will also serve as the township’s liaison to the Greene County Public Health Office.

Ross will continue to represent the township as an active member of the Miami Valley Regional Planning Commission and carry on his duties as secretary of the Greene County Township Association.

He will also handle any issues or business related to the township employees’ health insurance, as well as any legal issues that might occur within the township. As chairperson of the board of trustees, Ross will take charge of all newsletters that the township will mailed out to all Bath Township residents during 2020 and lead the board when dealing with any issues that residents bring before the board of trustees.

In a 3-0 vote, trustees approved the trustees’ assigned duties and responsibilities for 2020.

File photo Bath Township Trustee Steve Ross will serve as the board chairperson. He is pictured being sworn-in to serve the Bath Township Board of Trustees. photo Bath Township Trustee Steve Ross will serve as the board chairperson. He is pictured being sworn-in to serve the Bath Township Board of Trustees.

By Linda Collins

For the Fairborn Daily Herald

Linda Collins is a freelance writer for Greene County News.

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