Two generations ago: Winter 1970


Here’s a look at the Winter of 1970 in Beavercreek and Greene County:

On the national scene, the hated selective service draft lottery has just been instituted as the Vietnam War rages on, along with the introduction of the AIDS virus to the US, Not a great start. A couple of other firsts: The Boeing 747 and the fisrt GAP store.

All is not bleak, however. This January 1970 saw the first TV episode of “All My Children.” Bringing that forward, it ran for 41 years, ending in 2011. And the hopeful “Acquarius” by Fifth Dimension was named top song of 1969.

And Diana Ross had her last concert with the Supremes, going solo after that. A bit of history: She went on to become female entertainer of the century, and was unique with #1 hits as solo, duet (“Endless Love” with Lionel Ritchie), trio, and ensemble (“We Are the World”).

Meanwhile, here in little Beavercreek Township, Dunnigan’s has some Christmas suggestions: “Wrap her up a Dishmobile for $199.95. Or a bit cheaper, a toilet seat (choice of colors) for $2.44.

For him: How about a “creeper” or a Hurst shifter, at Fry’s Auto Parts. Coming forward, Whatever happened to Fry’s, and by the way, what’s a shifter?

Beavercreek boys beat Oakwood by one point in opening game of the roundball season, then beat Colonel White and Meadowdale. Coming forward, Colonel White school was demolished in 2011.

Jimbo’s house of Draft just opened on Burkhart Road! I well remember it, and those beers now mostly history: Carlings, Falstaff, Pabst, Hudepohl, Schoenling, Labatts, Heinekens …

Beavercreek Car Wash on Dayton-Xenia will help get the winter salt off, offering five minutes of self-serve for 25¢. Or, if you’re fussy about getting wet, two minutes of “automatic” for 75¢.

Something new: BHS is sponsoring a “Mistletoe Ball” dinner and dance for $12.50 (dance alone $3.50). Dinner catered by Sacksteders, and music provided by “Crystal Rain,” with radio personality Steve Kirk as MC. Coming forward, Kirk is reportedly retired to Florida. There is a new group “Crystal Rain” but it ain’t the same one.

Lefty McFadden Day will be celebrated on Febuary1st 1970, with none other than Roger Coy as host. (Lefty left us in 2004, but Roger is still active in our Beavercreek Historical Society.)

Winter means snow and snow means skiing; Sugarcreek Ski Hills expects 25,000 this winter of 1970. Coming forward, I skied there a bit, usually on my backside. It operated until 1989 and the lodge became part of a community center.

Have to put in at least one grocery price thing: How about Miracle Whip for 43¢? And Campbell’s soup, 10¢. Coming forward, well, they remain popular staples to this day, but the prices …

German measles vaccine is being offered in the Beavercreek schools. Also being offered this winter: Girl Scout cookies for 50¢. Scot-Teas, Fudge, Sandwich Cremes, Mints, and Savanahs.

Spring is coming. How about a 3-horsepower Toro lawnmower for $89.95? (I still have trouble imagining those three horses.)

By David Shumway

Beavercreek Historical Society

Dave Shumway is a member of the Beavercreek Historical Society and guest columnist.

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