‘Bottle bombs’ found in Miami Township


MIAMI TOWNSHIP — The Greene County Sheriff’s Office responded Nov. 22 to a report of two suspicious items in the area of Grinnell Road in Miami Township just outside of Yellow Springs. Upon arrival, deputies identified the items as bottles with foil and liquid inside.

The area around where the bottles were located was secured and the road was temporarily closed. Greene County Sheriff’s Deputies utilized a pellet gun to release the pressure inside the bottles from a safe distance. Miami Township Fire and Rescue responded to assist.

Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer stated the manufacturing and deployment of a “bottle bomb” is a serious matter. These devices endanger not only the public but also the first responders. These devices put everyone at risk of serious physical harm. Handling one of these devices or being in close proximity to one of these devices when it explodes can result in loss of fingers, eyesight and chemical burns.

If suspects are identified in the manufacture, possession or placing of one of these explosive devices, Fischer has directed the deputies to pursue charges and assist the prosecutors office with the prosecution of these individuals. The sheriff encourages anyone that locates a suspicious device to avoid touching it and creating distance between them and the device. Immediately notify emergency dispatch by calling 911 if you locate a suspicious device.

Subjects that manufacture or possess items to make a “bottle bomb” face multiple charges:

– 2909.28 Illegal assembly or possession of chemicals or substances for manufacture of prohibited weapons, a fourth-degree felony;

– 2923.24 Possessing criminal tools, a fifth-degree felony;

– 2917.31 Inducing panic, a first-degree misdemeanor.

If the bottle bomb causes property damage, injury or death, those involved could face a multitude of other felony charges based on the extent of the damages or injuries.

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