Dirt barn erected at Byron Cemetery


BATH TWP – A new customized dirt barn has been erected at Byron Cemetery in Bath Township.

In a written report to township trustees during Monday, Sept. 16 township meeting, Cemetery Supervisor Teresa Phillips stated that Cleary Building Corporation had completed the construction of a pre-engineered dirt barn in the southeastern section of the cemetery on Sept. 13.

The 14-foot-high structure, which spans 40 feet wide by 56 feet long, is constructed of galvanized steel that carries a 35-year warranty, according to Phillips. During a recent interview, Phillips noted that the company erected the dirt barn in just five days, and the structure was inspected the following Monday. The final cost of the building totaled $26,213.

Phillips also reported that M & W Trenching LLC Concrete & Excavation would be pouring a 4-inch, fiber-mesh concrete floor in the new dirt barn and a 3-foot-high retaining wall that would be constructed 18 inches from the interior walls of the barn. The local company also excavated the building site, constructed a roadway to the new barn, and installed a drainage system. Phillips said the total cost of the concrete, excavation, and drainage work added up to $66,900.

“I do not know for sure when the pouring will take place or when M &W will complete everything. However, I’m hoping to see completion by mid-October,” Phillips said.

When presenting bids for the new dirt barn in August 2018, Phillips told township trustees that relocating the barn to the rear of the cemetery would alleviate an ongoing problem with the grounds crew tracking dirt and mud from the existing dirt barn onto the roadway that leads to a newly opened section of the cemetery.

Once the construction of the new dirt barn is completed, Phillips said township officials would convert the existing dirt barn into a storage building for cemetery equipment and screen the south side of the barn with evergreens to enhance the view for visitors.

In other township business, Trustee Steve Ross reported to the board that the installation of new playground equipment in the township park has not been completed within a reasonably time frame. Ross stated that DWA (Daniel Williams & Associates) Recreation had agreed to install the three commercial playground systems during the spring or summer of this year. After conducting an inspection at the park, Ross pointed out that only one playground system had been assembled, and its foundation had been poured. Although, the installers had not laid any mulch at the site. He noted that the playground system at the second site was only partially assembled, and no foundation had been poured. According to Ross, only a hole had been dug at the third site.

Ross said he took pictures at the three sites and contacted the president of DWA Recreation about the ongoing issue. After the installers did not show up again on Friday, Sept. 13, Ross contacted another representative of the company regarding the problem.

“I told him about our frustrations, and he said that the company would complete the project by the end of this week,” Ross said. “It is unlikely that they can pour two concrete pads and assemble all the playground equipment in that amount of time. However, I will stay in contact with the people at DWA Recreation until the job is completed.”

Ross also noted that DWA Recreation would be giving the township free mulch for each playground system as part of the deal.

“DWA Recreation did not have enough personnel to assemble and install the playground equipment and subcontracted the work. Yet, the subcontractor is not showing up part of the time to finish the job,” Ross further explained. “The equipment is wonderful and will be nice when it is all done, but this has been a very frustrating experience.”

In a 3-0 vote, the board of trustees approved a resolution accepting the amounts and rates, as determined by the Greene County Budget Commission, authorizing the necessary tax levies, and certifying them to the county auditor.

The rate and amount for the General Fund are 0.40 inside millage, which adds up to $226,000 yearly. The rate for the Road Fund is a 2.50 inside millage, which amounts to $228,000 and a 2.20 outside millage, which equals $200,000 in tax dollars. The 7.00 outside millage rate levied for the Fire Fund provides $634,000 annually.

The township trustees also approved Resolution 28-3019, recognizing October 2019 as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Township Trustee Tom Pitstick noted that signing a proclamation is one way for the township trustees to acknowledge the continuous service provided by the Family Violence Prevention Center (FVPC) of Greene County, located at 380 Bellbrook Ave. in Xenia.

In October, the FVPC will seek to increase awareness of domestic violence by hanging purple ribbons around the county with supportive information tied to the ribbons. The center is also sponsoring the “Power of the Purse” online fundraiser as a way to help members of local communities understand the effects of financial abuse.

Pitstick announced that the FVPC would be holding a candlelight vigil at 6 p.m. on Oct. 7 at the Greene Town Center, near the fountains and stage. This event is free and open to the public. Ross suggested that a member of the board of trustees represent Bath Township at the candlelight vigil, and Trustees Pitstick and John Martin agreed.

The Bath Township Board of Trustees will meet again in regular session at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 2 at the township office, located at 1006 Yellow Springs-Fairfield Rd. in Fairborn.

Bath Twp. Trustees pass tax rates

By Linda Collins

Special Correspondent

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