ODOT to inspect Fairborn bridges


FAIRBORN — Fairborn City Council approved an agreement with the Ohio Department of Transportation for bridge inspection services.

The agreement will save the city $10,000 per year.

“Every year, we have to go out and have the bridges inspected to make sure its suitable for traffic and no repairs need to be made,” Fairborn City Engineer Thomas Lee Harris said during his presentation to council.

The city had to previously hire its own consultant to perform the bridge inspections. However, ODOT offered to take on the costs in 2014 so that local communities would no longer have to budget hiring a consultant. The city initially entered into the agreement in 2014, which is valid for up to three years. It renewed the agreement in 2017. Harris made the presentation to council Aug. 19 to enter into the agreement once again for 2020, 2021 and 2022.

The City of Fairborn is responsible for 22 bridges. Harris noted the Maple Avenue overpass as being a “very large bridge” and pointed out that some motorists may not consider culverts that allow water to pass beneath the roadway as a bridge. However, ODOT classifies a bridge as anything spanning more than 20 feet and will inspect them to ensure public safety.

Harris highlighted that ODOT generates reports and keeps a record of the inspections which are given to the city. Defective findings are noted so the city can prepare and budget for repairs.

By Whitney Vickers

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