CBC honors blood collectors


DAYTON — Community Blood Center in Dayton will take the opportunity of Sept. 1-7 Blood Collectors Week to recognize the day-to-day dedication of the phlebotomy staff and to honor especially their tireless efforts when thousands gave blood after the Memorial Day 2019 tornado outbreak and the Aug. 4 Oregon District mass shooting.

“We believe giving should be positive for each and every donor,” said CBC Collection Services Director Kay Ollech as she endorsed the theme of Blood Collectors Week. “Phlebotomists, apheresis operators, and all those who support the blood collection process are part of a vital community. Our skill and dedication help to ensure a positive experience for donors and secure a safe and adequate supply of blood for patients in our neighborhoods and across our nation.”

The theme for Blood Collectors Week 2019 is “Blood Collectors Make Giving Grow in Our Community.” The Dayton community and CBC staff faced unique challenges in the spring and summer of 2019.

Unusually high blood usage during the Memorial Day holiday weekend was followed by the disruption of the devasting outbreak of tornadoes Memorial Day evening.

The strong support by donors and the response by CBC blood collectors helped stabilize the blood supply. In the five days after Memorial Day CBC totaled 1,734 donors, including 1,435 donations and 270 first-time donors.

The hospital blood supply provided by CBC withstood the test of the Oregon District mass shooting that left nine dead and 27 injured. The work of restoring the blood supply began immediately and included the challenge of receiving hundreds of donors who wanted to give blood in support of the victims.

On Monday, Aug. 5 through Saturday, Aug. 10 1,708 people registered to donate whole blood, platelets and plasma at the Dayton CBC and CBC mobile blood drives, including 171 first-time donors. The dedication of donors and CBC staff was symbolized best by the “Dayton Strong Blood Drive” movement.

Community Blood Center’s Krista Johnson with donor Janis Winner.
https://www.fairborndailyherald.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/50/2019/09/web1_CBC-s-Krista-Johnson-with-donor-Janis-Winner.jpegCommunity Blood Center’s Krista Johnson with donor Janis Winner. CBC photo

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