FFD receives award


FAIRBORN — The Fairborn Fire Department has earned the 2019 Mission Lifetime EMS Bronze Quality Award for the quality of care it provides patients when they are experiencing a serious medical danger — the STEMI heart attack.

Alexander Kuhn, a representative from the American Heart Association made a presentation to the local fire department during the July 15 council meeting. He explained that of the last six years the AHA has been hosting the award, Fairborn has earned the honor for the last five.

It is based on EMS agencies having good protocols in place in the event of a patient dealing with a STEMI heart attack, with solid training, appropriate equipment and how well they “make those pieces fit together,” Kuhn said.

The award highlights EMS providers who are able to give the patient initial care, have them in the back of the ambulance and transported to the hospital for treatment within 90 minutes or less. They also must notify the hospital of their arrival within 10 minutes of initial contact with the patient.

The AHA representative said it takes a lot of coordination between the EMS providers and the hospitals, but the award ultimately highlights a seamless experience for the patient.

Kuhn highlighted that of all 15,000 EMS agencies across the country, 615 are receiving the award. Within the State of Ohio, which had the most EMS agencies being recognized with the award, there are 1,400 agencies total and 99 of them are being honored.

“You should be proud of your EMS providers,” Kuhn said. “They’re part of an elite group of professionals in Ohio and the country — and they save lives — that’s the most important thing.”

By Whitney Vickers

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