EPA approves permit-to-install


BATH TOWNSHIP — The Ohio EPA has issued a permit-to-install for Dovetail Energy LLC to build two biosolids storage ponds at its facility in Bath Township.

The company plans to build two biosolids storage ponds adjacent to its biodigester located at 1156 Herr Road. Combined, the ponds will be able to store up to 32 million gallons of biosolids. The material would be stored in the ponds after treatment in the facility’s anaerobic digestion process. The biosolids would be held in the lagoons until the material can be land applied on Ohio EPA-approved agricultural fields.

The permit-to-install establishes conditions the facility must meet to build and operate the ponds. The design includes a double synthetic liner and leak detection system to protect ground water. To account for precipitation, at least one foot of space must be maintained between the level of biosolids and top of the storage ponds.

The biodigester facility accepts food waste, hog manure and treated biosolids from municipal wastewater treatment plants. Methane collected during the digestion process is used to produce electricity.

Before issuing the permit, Ohio EPA reviewed the company’s application to ensure it complied with federal and state standards, laws and regulations. The agency also held a public meeting about the project on June 27 at Wright State University. The Agency reviewed and considered public comments received at the meeting and during the public comment period.

The permit and response to public comments are available online.

Decisions regarding final permits can be appealed to the Ohio Environmental Review Appeals Commission (ERAC). Appeals generally must be filed within 30 days of issuing a final action. Therefore, anyone considering filing an appeal should contact ERAC at 614-466-8950 for more information.

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