Bales no longer serving Fairborn


FAIRBORN — A long-time Fairborn employee is no longer serving the city.

Pete Bales, who most recently served as the assistant city manager, separated from the city on July 1 after working for Fairborn for 17 years. Bales served in multiple capacities, including the Fairborn Parks and Recreation Department, Fairborn Public Works Department and as assistant city manager.

Fairborn City Manager Rob Anderson said he and Bales agreed on a separation for him to seek more experience in another jurisdiction. Anderson added that he believes Bales’s goal is to serve as a city manager and could benefit from serving in another jurisdiction.

“He worked on special projects and he wanted to do more, but we didn’t have that here,” Anderson said. “ … I am not sure if he has another position lined up.”

Bales’s special project tasks have been divided among Anderson, Assistant City Manager Mike Gebhart and Public Works Director Karen Hawkins. His position will not be filled. The additional tasks divided among the three City of Fairborn employees will not result in overtime as those individuals are salaried.

“It’s not going to impact the bottom line,” Anderson said in reference to the city’s budget.

Bales will still be paid by the City of Fairborn through Oct. 31, 2019 for a total of $43,000.53 minus tax deductions and OPERS contributions. The city will additionally pay a portion of his health insurance premiums for current coverage while his share of the premium will be withheld from severance payments through Oct. 31. Anderson additionally wrote a letter of recommendation for Bales.

Anderson has been serving as city manager for more than two years. He said the first two years gave him an opportunity to understand the organization and its resources and develop a culture within the workplace. Former Fairborn Fire Chief Mike Riley separated from the City of Fairborn in the spring months, before Bales separated last week. Anderson said that turnover rate is standard following a city manager change.


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