Greeneview decision is over, time to move on


Social media lit up Tuesday when news broke that Greeneview Middle School had its permanent principal and it wasn’t popular interim Denny Morrison.

Many folks who shared the Gazette’s story commented that it was a “sad day” for Greeneview schools, while others said the district needed a new superintendent or a new school board.

Hooooooooold on friends.

It’s time to take a deep breath.

The decision was made and Wendy Callewaert will be the new principal.

Full disclosure, I was hoping Morrison would get the gig because I have known him a long time — dating back to the mid 1990s — and he does a fantastic job. He was great at Beavercreek. Top-notch at Xenia. And he did wonderful things in Jamestown. That’s why Greeneview parents and students packed a recent board meeting imploring the district to keep Morrison.

But Callewaert deserves every opportunity to come in and implement her vision for the school’s present and future. When Morrison arrived as interim, he brought with him many new and innovative ideas and programs.

It would be unfair to not welcome her to the district and stand beside her as she begins her tenure in Jamestown with her ideas and plans.

I don’t know Callewaert. And I don’t know much about what she’s done as principal at Greenfield Middle School, about 14 miles south of Washington Court House.

But I am looking forward to meeting her and working with her to let our readers know about all the great things going on at the school.

She may have a tote bag full of great things she wants to unleash in the building.

I can’t argue with those feeling the first day of school will be different. That always happens with change.

I’m sure there was a different feeling with Morrison’s first day.

But everyone needs to get on board — parents and students.

That first day for students may turn out to be quite the happy day for Greeneview schools.

Go in with an open mind and give Callewaert a chance.

This is about the kids.

By Scott Halasz

Contact Scott Halasz at 937-502-4507.

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