Voters to decide on charter amendments

FAIRBORN — Fairborn voters will observe three charter amendments on the ballot during the special election Tuesday, May 7.

The first charter amendment asks whether or not citizens wish to modify the mayor’s term from two years — as it stands now — to four years. It also asks whether citizens wish to modify consecutive terms for council and mayor in order to serve a maximum of two consecutive four-year terms in each office before taking a required two-year break.

The second charter amendment will revise Section 2.12 to add the phrase “any other reason consistent with the Ohio Revised Code” concerning reasons Fairborn City Council may recess into executive session. It additionally asks if a revision should be made to Section 2.15 in order to remove language that would repeal emergency ordinances 180 days after adoption.

The final charter amendment Fairborn citizens will find on their ballot asks if citizens would support reducing the amount of signatures a hopeful elected candidate must collect on their nominating petition. As it stands now, hopeful elected officials must college 100 signatures. However, if the charter amendment passes, candidates would have to collect 50 signatures.

It would also modify the amount of time a candidate has to file a nomination petition with the Greene County Board of Elections. As it stands now, candidates have no less than 60 days prior to the regular municipal election. If the charter amendment passes, candidates would have no less than 90 days before the regular municipal election to submit their nomination petition.

Poling locations are determined by where the citizen lives. Poling locations include First Presbyterian Church, Rona Community Church, the Fairborn YMCA, Victory Temple, Tri-County Youth and Family Center, The Highlands (Clubhouse) and the Bath Township building.

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