Interim report on Kinship Care Pilot Program


COLUMBUS — Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today released the 30 Days to Family Interim Report, tracking the progress the program has made since the first pilot counties were identified in December 2017.

Now with nine participating counties hit hard by the opioid epidemic, 30 Days to Family is a family finding and foster family recruitment program funded as part of a $1 million Victims of Crime Act grant from the Attorney General’s office.

“Every child deserves to grow up in a safe and stable home. There has been a growing chasm in Ohio between the number of foster families and the increasing number of children who enter the child welfare system in recent years because one or both of their parents have substance use disorder,” said Attorney General Mike DeWine. “Programs like 30 Days to Family can help fill that void by connecting children to appropriate relatives who are willing to help support members of their family. Kinship care and the resources that 30 Days to Family helps provide can increase stability and support for children when they are struggling the most.”

“I believe that the 30 Days to Family Ohio program will act as one of many important child welfare puzzle pieces that when put together ensure that all children achieve safety, permanency, and wellbeing throughout the state of Ohio,” said Maria Roehrkasse, 30 Days to Family Project Director. “Given the extent of work program implementation requires, I am humbled that pilot counties have mobilized so quickly to serve their communities. Now that all nine pilot counties are actively serving children and families through this model we are optimistic about the reach the program will have in Ohio.”

Highlights of startup and implementation of 30 Days to Family include: 84 children served, 528 hours of staff training completed and 729 stakeholder training participants including, foster parents, community partners, and staff members.

The entire interim report, including 30 Days to Family success stories, can be found on the Attorney General’s website at More information about 30 Days to Family can be found on the program administrator’s website

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