WPAFB offers civilian employees assistance


WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE — The Air Force’s new Employee Assistance Program provides civilian employees and their families with free, confidential resources and support to help manage normal everyday life challenges that may impact job performance and personal wellbeing.

The Air Force EAP/Worklife4You bundle of services and resources provides support on two levels: Air Force EAP provides counseling, financial and legal services, whereas Worklife4you provides a “concierge-like” service to help assist with every day stressors, no matter how large or small. Additionally, individuals have access 24/7 via 1-800-222-0364 and online.

Because of its large civilian population, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has an Air Force EAP counselor located on the installation who regularly sees employees.

“Depending on the need, employees have the option to ask for an off-base affiliate provider by calling the 1-800 number,” said Danna Plewe, Air Force EAP program manager.

An affiliate provider is a licensed, credentialed professional in the community who is authorized to provide up to six counseling sessions per topic, at no cost to the employee. The Air Force has about 22,000 affiliate providers worldwide and can provide services in up to 80 languages.

According to Plewe, Air Force EAP is not just a service people should utilize when there is a crisis, but at any time they might need help. Employees can use EAP for a variety of subjects to balance work-life demands. For example, financial information, as well as planning tools, are available to assist members with assessing budgets, savings and investing strategies, or simply figuring out if it is more advantageous to buy or lease an automobile.

Air Force EAP also covers free consults with a lawyer, but the legal benefit does not include assistance for labor or employment matters.

Supervisors and managers of civilian employees may also reach out to Air Force EAP. Consultants assist supervisors in identifying issues before they become problems, provide management strategies and coaching skills designed to improve working relationships, productivity and employee resilience.

In addition to traditional EAP services, Air Force EAP bundled with Worklife4You provides support in areas such as parenting, adoption, special needs and aging loved ones.

“Worklife4you is a concierge-like service that you can call to assist with day-to-day challenges,” said Plewe.

To access Worklife4you, members simply need to go to the Worklife4You.com website or call 1-800-222-0364. A quick phone call or email explaining your need will connect you with a counselor who will do the leg work for you.

Whether it is finding a repairman, a day care, a home warranty or vacation planning, Worklife4You will do the research and provide reliable options which ultimately saves the employee or family member from spending hours on the computer and phone searching for a solution.

How to care for aging loved ones is a frequent request for Worklife4you. Specialists will assist with finding services and support that are tailored to the needs and financial parameters set by the employee. Worklife4You even offers a 3-hour in home visit to help evaluate elder care support requirements.

It is easy to get information. For 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year assistance call 800-222-0364 888-262-7848 TTY, or visit Air Force EAP www.FOH4You.com or Worklife4you at www.worklife4you.com.

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