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Editor’s note: This is the second of three stories on Fairborn City Council’s recent work session, which discussed capital improvement plans and the budget for the projects.

FAIRBORN — Fairborn city leaders discussed upcoming capital improvement plans during a council work session Aug. 14 that will span over a five year period, beginning in 2018 and wrapping up by 2022. Some of the items highlighted building and land projects

Assistant City Manager Pete Bales said the city would be focusing on three major projects: the $509,250 detailed design of the Public Works Facility, the payoff of the $262,651 municipal court roof debt and new carpet and paint at the courthouse which will add up to $100,000.

The city will also be replacing the globes on the streetlights along Main Street for a total of $25,000, as well as providing $20,000 for the annual HVAC maintenance agreement, $14,625 the energy conservation lease payment, $875 for energy conservation support services, and $4,500 for legal services. Funding for these projects will come from the city’s Building and Land Fund.

The Parks and Recreation Capital Improvement Fund will finance the $130,000 project at Fairfield Park in 2018 that will consist of the installation of field lighting at diamond #3. The city is also investing $25,000 next year to update playground equipment at Rona Hills and Osborn Parks.

The Water Construction and Water Depreciation Funds will provide funding for numerous water improvement projects in 2018. Looping of the water mains in Rona Village, at a cost of $180,000, will improve quality and flow issues in that area. According to Bales, replacing aging infrastructure around the Five Points water tanks will cost $50,000 but will add to the aesthetics of the area in preparation for the new school and will secure the city’s infrastructure.

Next year, $123,225 for the Public Works Facility design will come from the Water Construction Fund, and $230,000 will be used to replace the old, cast iron waterline on Thornton Drive which has experienced multiple breaks in recent years. Plans are underway to design a secondary tank in the low service area of the city that will provide greater storage. Bales said the $200,000 project would provide an opportunity for the city water department to service Wright Patterson Air Force Base in the future.

The city will also spend $900,000 to replace failing well #2, $75,000 to replace inefficient windows at the water treatment plant, $60,000 for the Wright State University/Kaufman Avenue meter project, and $15,000 to move water service from the existing main on Zink Road, which will then be fed from Forest Drive. The $90,000 Xenia Drive water main design will also be completed in conjunction with the street design.

Other annual costs include $50,000 for the replacement of water main valves and hydrants, $60,000 for well development, $50,000 for growth project infrastructure support and $60,000 for water main oversizing.

The Sewer Construction and Sewer Depreciation Funds will pay for five sewer projects in 2018. These projects include the $117,525 public work facility design, the $55,000 analysis of the existing force main at the northwest lift station, the $85,000 replacement of concrete splash guards on all oxidation tanks, the $170,000 force main upsizing design at the southeast lift station and the $2,750,000 solids dewatering and conveyor improvements at the Water Reclamation Center.

By Linda Collins

Fairborn Daily Herald

Linda Collins is a freelance writer for Greene County News.

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