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Music is a medium that, like no other, binds us together, reflects our joy and pain and transports us to another place and time just by hearing a few verses; no matter what else we’re doing. Every once in a while a TV show captures those emotions and feelings and gives us a look inside the music as well as inside those who write, produce and perform it. “Nashville” on the CMT Network is one such show. It’s captured the hearts of millions, including Kathy’s and mine. We don’t miss an episode. When we heard the cast was touring we knew we had to be a part of this event.

Having been in radio and TV for four decades, I was more than aware of the façade actors are capable of showing us when performing on stage, or digitally on a show. So, while I love the show “Nashville” I wasn’t sure what to expect on stage. I was aware that one of the unique aspects of the show from the beginning was that the actors were actually performing the songs they delivered. So how would that translate to a live concert? And the characters portrayed seemed very real to us. What should we expect from the “actors” portraying them that night?

I took my seat at the Rose Music Center in Huber Heights expecting a decent show. What actually happened was that I was blown away! As you can imagine, I’ve been to many concerts over the years. The production, delivery and artistry of this show were almost unparalleled! The actors (performers) were as real as they appeared on the show. There appeared to be no pretense about them. I went expecting to see actors attempting to come off as musicians and what I saw was musicians who were more than able to share their lives, and skills, through their acting.

Charles Esten (Deacon), Jonathan Jackson (Avery) and Chris Carmack (Will) grabbed those of us in the audience and didn’t let go! The only thing missing was that Clare Bowen (Scarlett) was ill that night and couldn’t make it and, while we certainly missed her, the show was still outstanding! It was seriously very difficult to separate the actor from the character. Deacon, Will and Avery gave their hearts and souls to the music (which it was clear they loved) as well as to the fans. And it was equally clear they adored the fans as much as we appreciated them.

They were real. The show was real and those attending on that beautiful, starlit late summer night got their money’s worth and more. We also came away realizing when we turn on “Nashville” from now on, we’re watching more than actors playing roles. We’re watching a (unrelated) family getting pure pleasure and joy from sharing their lives, real and scripted, with all of us kicking back in our family rooms watching.

As I mentioned, it was a perfect summer night with a cool breeze, in the open air at a fabulous venue that is unbelievably crowd-friendly, The Rose Music Center. You realize that the performers are top notch but the venue, by design, makes you feel like it was designed for your convenience in the plan. The helpful Rose staff, from the parking lot attendants to the ticket takers and ushers, makes you feel totally welcome. The concessions and patio tables make you forget you’re at a stadium and feel more like a neighborhood festival and the parking is easy-in and easy-out with cooperation between the team and Huber Heights police. Oh, and there literally isn’t a bad seat in the house! I’ve been asked that time and time again by readers who’ve seen my reviews. Every seat is fantastic! There are still great concerts at The Rose this season and there are huge names from yesterday and today for your enjoyment. Don’t miss two classic members of Fleetwood Mac together on stage performing their classics and future classics from their new album entitled “Lindsey Buckingham/Christine McVie” when the duo takes the stage. Go to and be a part of it all.

By Mike Scinto

Mike Scinto is a 40 year veteran radio and TV talk show host and guest columnist. Reach Mike on Twitter @mikescintoshow, Facebook at or email [email protected]

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