What ya doin’ this summer?


It’s that time again to find out what ya’ll (Miami Valley Speak.) have been doing with your time over the summer. And like our diverse readership, the things occupying your time is all over the map.

But before we get into all that, you know me, Mr. Memory Dude. Summer as a kid reminds me of drive-in movies, lazy days spent at NCR’s Old River Park, spending hours at the pool, picnicking, canoeing around the lagoon and of course playing giant checkers. And the grilled burgers at mini-golf never tasted better.

Or how ‘bout an outdoor movie at Frigidaire Park wrapped up in a blanket with the smell of OFF! bug repellant in the air. And, of course spending many years at the Greene County Fair, going on now by the way.

As for the present, been working non-stop. With a multi-media ‘empire’ and working for myself, take the work when you can get it. For you self-employed business owners, can you feel my pain?

But occasionally I’ll catch the latest movie and some dinners out with the kids. That’s always nice, especially when they’re grown now and family time is at a premium.

Netflix is a must. Whoever thought of not having to wait for your favorite TV show’s next episode a whole week away. This is ‘the thing.’ Where have you been all my life?

Finally, our baby Sophie starts college in a couple of weeks. Where on earth has the time gone. She has blossomed into a beautiful young woman and by the time you read this, will have turned 18. Which means her father is old?

Others shared on Facebook what’s pre-occupying their time over the long, hot summer.

For instance, my buddy Richard has been traveling … a lot.

“Well, been to OR, WA, NY, FL, MI, IL, NC, SC and my son’s wedding. Oh, and Ontario Canada too.” He says.

Carolyn is simply ‘Slacking off.’

Debbie says, “Already did the vacation thing, now I’m getting done everything I can’t when I’m in school working the rest of the year,” You gotta do what you gotta do.

My friend Linda down in East Tennessee writes, “I have not been out of my house in over 2 weeks, I hate summer, but there’s nothing I can do about it, except pray for winter and snow.”

Sue agrees, “Bring on the snow!” Be careful what you wish for.

Dale’s been giving back, “Finished our remodel job, working on youth Afghans for Children’s Hospital, and pink ribbon scarfs for Breast Cancer awareness month.”

“Pulling weeds. Sweating. Livin’ the dream!” Anna says.

Kim is working on redoing a log cabin. Marina spending time at the pool with her grandkids.

Beverly is making good use of her summer ‘time.’ “Eating out, visiting out of town relatives, going to baseball games, etc.” She says.

Susan is “visiting as many state parks as possible to camp in their RV.” Melinda is “living the dream in Florida.” Rob is running the gamut. “Attending car shows, cooking out, working out, and getting on the wife’s nerves.”.

Some are attending concerts at The Rose, fishing, camping, more swimming, family get-togethers, boating, trying to stay out of trouble and of course, answering questions on Facebook. Or as one wag calls it, Face-Buch.

Bethany apparently is out-of-town, “Going to the beach, crabbing, light scuba, lots of seafood and beach walks.” Ah, nice.

Jeff is, “Spending quality kid time (fishing…etc…) before they head back to school.” Sounds like a plan. Anne is, “Trying to stay cool; otherwise in a coma.”

Patty says, “Watching the Reds sweep the cellar floor.” Ouch.

Duante writes, “Staying out of trouble…mostly. Spending my time with my girlfriend and a few close friends. Telling the truth in all I do, just like always.”

Tina has the perfect prescription, “Florida beach, sunshine, Florida beach, sunshine, repeat daily if needed”.

Peter Wine Same thing as in winter. Peter says, “Taking pictures and video, and making galleries and movies. Except I also get to enjoy gardening instead of snow shoveling.” Enjoy it now, won’t be long.

Is it me or do summer memories mean more than any other time of the year? Yes, winter, spring and fall are all good, but the best times were over the summer.

Was it because school was out and you were free for a few months? Sleeping in, playing with friends, heading home when the street lights fired up. A simpler, care free time growing up in the Miami Valley. Wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Cheers and happy summer. Enjoy! — Buch


By Jim Bucher

Jim Bucher is a area resident and guest columnist.

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