Fielding some great questions from readers


I’ve only been filling in for our sports editor for a few days, but my email inbox is full of emails with sports questions.

So, since this is a slow time for high school sports, allow me to clear up some space in my inbox and my head and answer a few of these.

I apologize if I don’t get to yours. But hey, we aren’t handing out participation emails here.

Who is going to be Greene County’s best football team this fall?

Good question. It will be an interesting year for some, like Bellbrook, in its second year under Coach Jeff Jenkins, and Fairborn, in its second year under Coach Chris Roark. Xenia has a new coach in Trace Smitherman, who helped rebuild Stebbins. And Beavercreek always has the numbers and I really think this program is ready to turn the corner, especially given how the Springboro and Centerville games ended last season and how tough the Beavers played Springfield.

Greeneview and Cedarville are always contenders to0. And Carroll is about to turn the corner (man I hate that cliche).

So there you go.

You didn’t answer the question.

Too bad. Get your own column.

Is it me, or do you not like to answer questions?

It’s you.

Who is going to be better, the Bengals or Browns?

Better at what, losing? Browns.

Better at self-destructing in prime time and in the playoffs? Bengals.

The best football team in Ohio this fall will be the Buckeyes. Not saying they would beat either “pro” team. But OSU will be the best the state has to offer. Just like every year.

What will be the feel-good story of the fall high school season?

Beavercreek’s Marcella Cash will get a chance to kick a field goal, and she will nail the game-winner against someone. Of course I’m not going to pick which team. Don’t want to provide any bulletin board material. AND, the super soph will score the game-winning goal in Beavercreek’s GWOC-clinching win over ….. see above.

Who is the best athlete from Greene County you have personally seen?

Wow. THAT is a great question. I’ve been covering county sports off and on since 1993. I’m going to split this up into best player and best athlete. Beavercreek’s Alison Bales is the best player I’ve seen. She dominated girls basketball offensively and defensively. There have been a lot of great players, but I haven’t seen one who can literally take over a game like Bales. Athletically, I’m not sure I have seen anyone better than Xenia’s Trent Cole. Strong. Fast. Athletic. Freakish. Pick a sports adjective.

What is your favorite sport to cover?

You want to get me in trouble with a lot of people, don’t you?

Honestly, I have always loved covering wrestling. First off, I won’t get wet or snowed upon. My hands won’t get frozen. (Those are important considerations when I’m trying to write down quotes accurately.) I don’t have to worry about overtime or extra innings. But vanity reasons aside, I’ve always loved the individuality wrestling offers. It’s wrestler vs. wrestler with little to no outside influence from other players or coaches.

And it’s a tough sport. After most games, other athletes can go out to eat. After wrestling, a wrestler has make sure he isn’t too fat for the next day.

What sport do you dislike covering the most?

Yeah, right. How dumb do you think I am? Nobody answers that.

Who is the most famous person you have interviewed?

I’m not in this business to brag about who I’ve interviewed. But since you asked, Michael Jordan, Pete Rose, Ken Griffey Jr., and Sammy Sosa are probably the biggest names.

What is your favorite high school football stadium?

Well, as a Centerville grad, I’m partial to Centerville Stadium. But of the schools in our coverage area, it’s always fun to go to Carroll because fans are right on top of the action. And the windows open in the press box so its not miserably hot during the first few games.

Where do you love to cover basketball?

I haven’t been to all our schools for basketball. I only do this sports thing when our sports editor is on vacation or has a plethora of games to cover. But there is something about the Ed Zink Fieldhouse in Beavercreek. Maybe its all the championship banners. Or maybe it’s being able to watch Ohio’s greatest girls basketball coach of all time work his sideline magic. But it’s just fun to watch games there.

I have time (and space) for one more.

If you could wish for one thing this fall, what would it be?

All of our football teams playing in week 11, but especially Beavercreek, Fairborn and Xenia, who have never made it to the playoffs.

By Scott Halasz

[email protected]

Scott Halasz is a reporter for Greene County News and columnist.

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