Setting the right priorities


Get Trump at any cost! That is the biggest Washington, D.C. game now. Right or wrong, the “in-crowd” which includes both Democrats and Republicans, is content to let this blood-sport move forward. We out here in the real world, are not in a position to say Yea or Nay on these investigations.

As of now, the facts, if any, do not appear to support the charges being thrown at Trump and his administration. However: There is no doubt that the ultimate goal of all this noise and ruckus is to remove the POTUS from office.

As to “priorities” there are far more serious and dangerous problems with which America and the civilized world must cope before events spin totally out of control. North Korea is equally a threat as is ISIS, Syria, Russia, Iran, and the terrorist ideology all are a very real threat and danger. These forces must be countered and contained to avoid disaster.

The first duty and responsibility of the American government is to “preserve, protect, and defend” the United States of America. We are faced with very real threats and dangers in June 2017. The plans to rebuild our military cannot come about too soon.

The sad result of the American prisoner upon his return home from North Korea is horrendous and worse. It is reported that three more Americans are being held captive in North Korea. Their fate is probably going to be a sad outcome as well. God only knows what these Americans have and will endure.

In the face of all this, there are many developments about which we can and should be encouraged. Improvement in our economy, a strong jobs market, housing and construction showing strength and perhaps most importantly, the confidence level of the American population is highest in 10 years.

All of this is no accident. The 2016 election was the citizens of our nation voting to change the “business as usual” environment in Washington. This is the real story of how and why Donald J. Trump was elected. It was a strong and clear wake-up call to the inside the beltway “establishment.”

We as people need to remember that they work for us — not the other way around. God Bless America

By Dean Gordin

Dean Gordin is a local resident and guest columnist.

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