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It seems to me that every so often I should play “catch-up,” that is, revisit some topics I have written about in the past with the latest updates. The reason is that folks ask me what’s happened with one of these little stories or perhaps have something they wish to share — and so that’s what today’s column is all about.

Let’s start with Louise, the nurse who has had such a long run of bad luck. About two years ago, she injured her right shoulder while helping transfer a very heavy patient from a gurney to a bed. This led to a workers comp claim, surgery, physical rehab, and finally, after about 18 months of struggling through a series of almost unbelievable problems — none of which she caused — re-entered the work force despite having a permanent partial disability with her shoulder.

As we left her story she had decided her job wasn’t a good “fit” and parted on good terms with her employer. She had found another job that seemed more suitable and was all ready to start orientation when she was notified she had failed two drug tests for marijuana and the job offer was withdrawn. This was unbelievable because she had never used marijuana in any form and had not been around anyone who had. Her research into this weird situation revealed taking certain over-the-counter pain relief medicines can result in false positive readings for marijuana — and she had been taking one for residual shoulder pain.

She has now had both urine and blood tests that were “clean” and has physicians’ statements to that effect. Being determined to get back to work, she has updated her nursing credentials and resume and has started looking for another nursing position. Yep, Louise is one persistent woman who has pulled herself up by her bootstraps in her profession from nurse’s aid to licensed practical nurse to registered nurse and won’t let these setbacks ruin her life. Lotsa luck, Louise.

Okay, moving on to my difficulties with the “new” cable company. Reader “John” tells me he is also having problems getting answers about his expiring “package” or “bundle” with the “old” cable company – and the difference in cost and service provided by the “new” company. He asked for my advice, but, unfortunately, I don’t have any. Also reader “Mike” told me those interface devices that connect the cable to a computer are available commercially. I mistakenly said only the cable company could provide them. These “modems”, which may also provide Wi Fi capability, do not, however, include telephone-over-cable – only the cable company-furnished devices can provide that service.

As I kinda figured might happen, the “new” cable company offered me a “bundle” that provides about the same service I had with the “old” company “bundle” for approximately the same price. I had to have TV and Internet interface devices switched out with new ones — and I elected to pay for a service call to make the changeover. It’s a good thing I did because the very capable technician took over two hours to do the job. One thing, though, this “bundle” at this price is good for one year only — when I’ll have to go through all this again.

Switching topics again. The predicament I referenced last time about how our grandson and his bride called my bluff and asked me to officiate at their marriage turned out to be not such a problem after all. Everything went smoothly – even the rain stopped so we could hold the wedding in a beautiful outdoor venue. There was one oddity, so to speak. After I pronounced the final benediction, there was supposed to be a “recessional.” Well, what happened instead was that the bride hugged and kissed the minister (me) and whispered, “Thank you, Grandpa” — and that hug and kiss set off a general round of handshakes, hugs, and kisses. There never was a recessional but apparently nobody cared.

One last update. A couple of weeks ago I openly speculated about how the informant who “leaked” to the press the reported “CYA” memo of the director of the FBI’s discussions with the president must have been a high-level, well-placed person. Well, I was right. You can’t get a higher level, better placed “leaker” than the FBI director — and reports are now surfacing indicating he did the same thing during the Bush administration. Yep, he reportedly wrote similar memos of discussions with then-President Bush and “released” them to an anti-Bush-administration writer. Wouldn’t be surprised — that’s just the way Washington is.

Well, that’s about all the catching up for this time so look for some new topic next week. There’s sure lotsa interesting stuff going on to write about. At least that’s how it seems to me.

By Bill Taylor

Bill Taylor is a Greene County Daily columnist and area resident. He may be contacted at [email protected].

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