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Why hate Trump?


Why do so many people set themselves against our duly elected President Trump? I’ve searched for answers. I’ve given up on believing anything appearing in the major news services because of lies.

Since lying and intimidation have become commonplace, even among school children who, for many years in public schools where curricula have been stripped of truth and ethics. For instance, “God doesn’t exist,” and “There are no absolute truths,” they are taught. There is an old saying, “If a person doesn’t believe in something, they’ll fall for anything.”

Humans are born with no moral code. Without proper nourishing and teaching they can become angry and delusional. They may have a perpetual victim mentality, refusing to look within while always self-righteously blaming others for whatever is wrong with their own human nature. Alcoholics, for example, turn to blaming others for their own destructive behavior. To assuage confusion, they take another drink. They become so delusional that some psychiatrists say they can become insane.

Forget love, progressive leaders say; all you need is rage to get what you want. And where does that accomplish? Bullying, murder and mayhem? Or, God forbid, war with its senseless killing of others they don’t even know.

In dealing with my own hate feelings when they crop up, I filter those feelings through scriptures in the Bible: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” “Trouble not yourself for evil doers; revenge is mine, says the Lord,” and I calm down and do something nice for someone in need, especially if they are an unhappy Democrat. I do something beneficial to and/or for them and I get a blessing too.

So to Democrats, many of them my lifelong friends, I say, let it go. The current trends of violence and intimidation against our president are a waste of time and can get quite destructive to our whole way of life.

— Pauline Clark, Xenia

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