Bath Township repairing paths


BATH TOWNSHIP — Bath Township Road Supervisor Vern Heizer reported to township trustees during the May 3 regular trustee meeting that he was continuing to deal with issues with previous upgrades to several township roads and the paved walking path in the township park.

Heizer said he had spoken with a representative of Strawser Paving about repairing the onyx mastic surface seal on the walking path. The road supervisor noted that the surface treatment, which is still under warranty, had not maintained its color. The Columbus-based paving contractor applied the surface treatment to the walking path in 2016, which cost the township approximately $4,611. According to Heizer, Strawser Paving agreed to reapply the mastic surface on the walking path.

Heizer also told township trustees that he had met with representatives from Ray Hensley Inc., a Springfield paving contractor, about the ongoing issues on Butternut Drive, Cedarwood Road and Hickorynut Drive in the Country Acres subdivision. In 2016, the paving contractor milled Butternut Drive and applied a chip seal pavement surface treatment to the three roads. The contracted project was part of a Greene County Engineer’s collective bid and came with a one-year warranty.

Since the project was completed, the chip seal has been coming up and the aggregate is breaking away, according to Heizer. However, He stated that Hensley is not accepting any responsibility for the failed chip seal pavement and does not intend to repave the three roads.

“Hensley is not admitting to any fault and claimed that the chip seal failed because the township did not sweep the roads prior to the application of the chip seal. That is not true. We swept the roads twice,” Heizer said.

Heizer also noted that Hensley would do nothing regarding the issues with the roads unless the county engineers support the township’s position. During the previous township meeting, Heizer stated that he and Mike Rhoades, a township road department employee, met with Greene County Deputy Engineer Luke Trubee and Greene County Engineer Inspector Jeff Vaught, and they agreed that there was an issue with the chip seal coating.

“If Hensley does not stand behind the warranty and resurface the roads, it has been a complete waste of taxpayers’ money,” Heizer said.

The township road supervisor also stated that he would go outside the county’s collective bid to obtain a better product if necessary.

“Our township residents approved the township road levy so we could repair their roads. The township needs to give them the best product for their spent money,” said Heizer.

In a 2-0 vote, township trustees approved a contract with Barrett Paving Materials for asphalt at $64 per ton, which was the cheaper of two bids. Valley Asphalt, a Jurgensen Company, placed a bid of $73 per ton. Trustee Martin noted that Barrett Paving Materials had maintained its 2016 rates for asphalt.

The next regular session of the Bath Township Trustees is schedule for 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 17. All regular township sessions are held at the township building office, located at 1006 Yellow Springs-Fairfield Road in Fairborn.

By Linda Collins

For the Fairborn Herald

Linda Collins is a freelance writer for Greene County News.

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