The swamp ain’t drained yet!

There is much to ponder as May begins. The plethora of commentary regarding President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office has been anything but dull. With the minute by minute so-called updates via our instantaneous communication capabilities, old news is any data that is more than 30 seconds old.

The Congress regardless of which faction happens to be in the majority tends to move at it’s own pace, no matter how sluggish it is. Watching paint dry is super sonic by comparison!

I used the term faction rather than party for painfully obvious reasons. Both Democrats and Republicans have sharply different groups within their respective caucuses. This has been both frustrating, not just in Washington but out here in the real world as well.

Those members in the House and Senate tend to forget that they are our employees, not the other way around.

News in the last week of April would seem to pretend a consensus building by the House GOP members on healthcare and the budgeting process, avoiding a government shut-down.

President Trump’s tax reform proposal (if enacted) would be the most drastic and visionary policy to get our economy fired up and growing to benefit not only business, but also individuals like you and me. It is not a tax-dodge for anyone or any business entity. When taxed are reduced, growth happens. It always has and always will if given the opportunity.

The secret weapon in all of this is the multiplier effect which in plain language is increased economic activity at all levels of the American economy which results in high government revenues. This is great but also puts the responsibility of government to spend less than it receives in revenue, i.e. work toward a balanced budget.

All of this is well and good, but is of no consequence if world tensions and tinder box issues break out. North Korea heads the list at the moment. Syria, Iran, ISIS, Al Qaeda, Putin – the list is far too long, but these must be countered and met with sounds, resolute determination, based on “peace through strength.”

Ignoring these threats and just empty, good-sounding policy statements won’t get the job done, nor keep the world safe and secure.

Actions have consequences. China does seem to realize that North Korea is a very real danger to their safety and security. Let us hope and pray that the future brings better days ahead for our civilization and our planet. For once, let our government put partisan gotcha attitudes aside and act responsibility and intelligently.

God bless America.

By Dean Gordin

Dean Gordin is a local resident and guest columnist.

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