Letter to the Editor


Thanks to Xenia


I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the wonderful genealogy resources you have in your city. Xenia has a great collection of historical information available to any researcher.

Your efforts in collecting, preserving, organizing, and sharing your records certainly show that you have made ever effort to preserve the history of your area.

As I research my family’s history in Greene County, I am truly amazed at the friendly and helpful people who work at the archives and the library. They are great ambassadors for the city of Xenia.

I have researched in many areas of the country for the last twenty or so years, and Xenia ranks up there with the very best of them. Xenia has every right to be proud of the hard and dedicated work of so many of its citizens.

Thank you all very much.

— Sharon Bray of Paducah, Kentucky

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