Enon campaigning for levy


ENON — The campaign to support the Enon Police levy is officially underway with the recent establishment of a political action committee formally named “We Serve the Village of Enon.”

Chaired by Enon resident Charles Waszczak, the committee’s goal is to distribute information and gain support for the passage of a proposed five-year, 5-mill additional police levy that will be appearing on the Tuesday, May 2 primary ballot.

This is the second time the police levy has been placed on the ballot in the two Enon precincts. Local voters rejected the ballot measure by 104 votes during the Nov. 8, 2016 general election.

If approved, the levy would generate an estimated $238,629 annually and would cost the owner of a home with a tax value of $100,000 approximately $175 per year or $14.58 per month. The tax-appraised value in Clark County is based on 35 percent of the total appraised value of the property.

During the March 28 village council meeting, Waszczak told Enon Mayor Tim Howard and village council members that he and other like-minded villagers recently formed the political action committee in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 6, Ohio Campaign Finance Handbook in order for the committee to accept contributions and cover campaign expenses. The committee filed form 30-D with the Clark County Board of Elections, designating Enon resident Marjorie Travis as the treasurer of the committee. The committee has also obtained a federal identification number through the IRS and has opened a bank account at the Enon branch of WesBanco Bank.

“At this time, I’m soliciting both community involvement and monetary support in order to help pass the May 2 Enon police levy ballot initiative,” Waszczak said

He noted that cash donations are limited to $100. Therefore, contributions exceeding $100 must be made by check or money order. According to Waszczak, the committee members are not affiliated with the police department or village government. However, the committee did meet with village officials at the Enon Government Center last week to obtain any needed information to move forward.

“We are developing appropriate literature for door-to-door distribution throughout both voting precincts and some signage in support of the levy,” said Waszczak.

Those citizens who are interested in joining the political action committee and volunteering their time and effort in support of the 5-year, 5-mill Enon police levy are encouraged to contact Charles Waszczak at 937-864-7192 or Marjorie Travis at 937-864-1375.

Donations to “We Serve the Village of Enon” can be sent to Marjorie Travis, 111 Taylor St., Enon, OH 45323.

“We welcome volunteers. The election is just five weeks away, and we have a big task ahead of us,” said Waszczak.

By Linda Collins

For the Daily Herald

Linda Collins is a freelance reporter for Greene County News.

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