City to flush hydrants


FAIRBORN — The City of Fairborn annual hydrant flushing will begin 3 p.m. Sunday, April 2.

Flushing will begin in the areas north of Doris Drive, including Peebles Estates and Rona Hills and will continue 24 hours a day, five days a week until completed. On or near Saturday, April 15, flushing in all areas south of Doris Drive, including Wright View and Wright State University areas, will start and last until approximately Thursday, May 4.

The Water and Sewer Division makes every effort to follow the outlined schedule; however, the schedule is subject to change without notice due to the nature of the work being performed. Inclement weather, emergencies and other interruptions may cause a deviation from the schedule.

Hydrant flushing and testing may sometimes produce discolored tap water and serves to clean out iron deposits that may form on the side of water lines. The annual flushing is an essential part of maintaining quality water and performing any hydrant maintenance for efficient fire protection for Fairborn residents.

During the course of the hydrant flushing and testing, residents are advised to consult the city’s website,; Facebook; and Twitter pages for updates in the flushing schedule.

Citizens are advised to check their water frequently before and during the course of doing laundry or any other project that may suffer damage from discolored water. This is advised even when flushing is not being conducted in your immediate area. If discolored water is noticed, run the faucet for approximately two to three minutes. If after that time discoloration is still present, shut the faucet off and try again later. If an unreasonable amount of time has passed and water is still discolored, please contact the Division of Water and Sewer at 937-754-3097 between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m.

In the event that clothes become discolored as a result of washing during hydrant flushing, rust remover is available during regular business hours from the Utility Billing Office at 44 W. Hebble Avenue. For any further information regarding the hydrant flushing, call 754.3097.

Fairborn Daily Herald

Story courtesy of the City of Fairborn.

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