Letter to the editor


No wonder college costs so much


Recently Wright State announced the need to make several cuts to the budget, resulting in some students concern if their programs will be cut. I do not have anyone attending the college or working there.

I find it quite appalling the salary recently announced for the incoming President. A base salary of $425,000, $54,000 deferred compensation her first year, $42,500.00 expense to relocate from Rolla, MO, $36,000 annually for housing, $12,000 allowance for her vehicle, insurance as well as gas and $10,000 for a golf membership. The total salary and compensation is nearly double her currently salary, etc.

I would think she could find a cheaper rate to move and if she plays golf the membership should be at her expense.

I think the money they are spending should be spent wisely and this is not. No wonder it costs so much to attend college.

— Marilyn Murphy, Xenia

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