Letter to the editor


It is alarming


I read two articles on the Op Ed page praising Trump. The primary gist of their praises seemed to be that he has finally stopped acting like a toddler for once during his recent, written by someone else, read from a teleprompter speech. While it is true during his speech he did not resort to name calling for supposed insults or suggested grabbing women by their private parts, what he did end up suggesting was nearly as alarming.

First he suggested establishing a department to keep track of an publish crimes committed by undocumented immigrants. I notice , however, that although white supremacists have been responsible for many more terror attacks in the US than immigrants he did not suggest keeping track of and publishing a list of their crimes. One has to wonder why, unless, of course it is that he ran on and continues to appoint cabinet members and advisors that have a history of white supremacy.

While Trump was acting presidential here is what his administration is trying to do: Get rid of the EPA. Defund the Arts. Turn the Department of Justice into a prisoner producing flood to fill up For Profit Prisons to make money for owners, his friend. Spend even more money on defense which is already the bloated tick of the federal budget, so his friends who profit from war and war preparation and bombs and other weapons can make money. Destroy public education. Destroy Obamacare with no plan to replace it making millions of Americans, some of whom are very ill, lose their healthcare.

Add this to the fact that there certainly seems to be something going on between his administration and Russia that at least bears looking into and that he takes a vacation every week and I have to respectfully disagree with your columnists that he is acting presidential. It is more like he is acting like someone who does know how to be President, does not want to learn how to be President and is playing a huge joke on all of us at the expense of the country.

— Dr. M. Cookie Newsom, Xenia

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